Review: Howards End

Howards End
Howards End by E.M. Forster
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am disappointed to say that this book isn’t for me. I can see why it’s a classic and why some people would regard it as one of the Great Works but story-wise and character-wise, it ain’t for me. I have to at least like a character to enjoy a book but neither sisters truly appeal to me. I can understand Margaret a little at the end but not enough…

The first sentence captured my attention, “One may as well begin with Helen’s letters to her sister”. I thought this was just unique and an interesting backhanded way to start a story. It’s like *sighs* *grumble* *grumble*, “I might as well” or maybe I’m just reading into it a bit too much… I do get carried away sometimes…

Helen’s letters were very interesting in her descriptions of Howards End and the Wilcoxes. Throughout the whole book what interests me most were the descriptive atmospheric nature that I could feel flowing through the pages and into my imagination. It was just superb.

And yet, it wasn’t enough to keep me liking the book. Not one character were likeable. Well, actually, I was a little interested in Charles Wilcox – he’s such a boor that I can’t help but knowing and wanting to find out what will befall him. Isn’t it terrible that the only character you’ve interest in the book is the awful one? I get it that there’s something deep & meaningful in all these words but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it. Meh!

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9 thoughts on “Review: Howards End

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  2. Erica L.

    Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Howard’s End! I did love it, but I read it after I saw the movie and so the story was colored for me by that performance (the movie is really, really good). I did find Margaret sympathetic…Helen not so much, she reminded me a lot of Marianne in Sense and Sensibility–too much with the feeling and sympathy and not enough common sense!

    1. Tien Post author

      Ooh, Erica, I didn’t think of that (re: Helen vs Marianne), you may be right! Although I wonder that when she broker off her engagement right at the beginning – do you think that’s because of feelings or some show of common sense?

      I might enjoy the movie more then… I’ll see if I can get my hands on a copy 😉 thanks!

    1. Tien Post author

      Indeed, no. If we all have the same taste then we’d all be reading the same books. How boring will the world be?!
      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah.

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