Random Reads (October 2012)

Thanks to i’m loving books for hosting this meme.

I’ve almost forgot my October draw!  I borrowed the book from the library but then let it languished on the shelf for a couple of weeks until I realised that the month is nearly out!  I managed to read & posted a revies just in time! It was an amazing read despite its awful subject matter.  It was also nominated for the Prime Minister’s Literary Award in 2008.  You can check my Sorry review here.

For November, I’ve managed to draw another Aussie read which was also nominated for an award but this time it’s the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize (2000).

In the vast wilderness of Tasmania’s plateau, the Tasmanian tiger – the thylacine – long thought extinct, has been spotted, sparking the imagination of the locals and drawing the dubious interests of outsiders. One of the latter is M, whose objective is to find the creature for a multinational biotech company. In The Hunter, author Julia Leigh tracks M’s fateful course, from his base camp with a young family whose ranks were decimated by the wilderness, to the forests where M immerses himself in the tiger’s world – reading footprints in the mud, covering his scent with animal dung. What begins as a business proposition takes on mythic aspects as M’s quest becomes ever more obsessive, a search not for ultimate profit but for the essence of life that technology has all but crushed.
It looks to be a fascinating read!  And there seems to be a movie too with Willem Dafoe, Frances O’Connor, and Sam Neill!  Excited to check that out too 😉

5 thoughts on “Random Reads (October 2012)

  1. Stephanie @ Read in a Single Sitting

    Oh, I had no idea that this was a book! I saw the film last year (or the year before?) and found it quite intriguing. (Although the highlight was when I was trying to describe to a friend and said, “you know, it’s that film set in Tasmania with the guy with the craggy face” and she said *immediately* “Oh! Willem Dafoe!”. Amazing.)

    1. Tien Post author

      LOL – what a way to describe him!
      Was s/he a real close friend who’d understand you with the slightest description of things?

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