Random Reads (October 2012)

I have to confess that I’ve been lazy with bloggin this week.  I took the week off work so I’ve been bludging around – soooo goood!  Today I spent the day at the beach with the family – absolutely gorgeous weather at a totally beautiful beach with my boys 🙂  What more could I ask for?  Oh, of course, I had a book with me 😉  That’s not even questionable!

Thanks to i’m loving books for hosting this meme.

For September, I got to read a time-travel romance: Timeless Passion by Constance O’Day-Flannery.

For October, I’ve drawn an Aussie historical fiction…  A Nominee (Fiction) for the Prime Minister’s Literary Award in 2008.

In the remote Australian outback during World War II, the emotionally stunted child of an English couple is befriended by equally adrift strangers. Perdita becomes friends with a deaf and mute boy, Billy, and an Aboriginal girl, Mary. Perdita and Mary soon come to call one another sister and begin to share a profound bond. They are content with life in this barren corner of the world until a terrible event lays waste to their lives. “Sorry” explores the values of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice with a brilliance that has earned Gail Jones numerous accolades.


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