Read Along Pt 2: The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D

The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D by Nichole Bernier

I am participating in a read along hosted by Bree @1 Girl 2 Many Books & sponsored by Australia’s own Allen & Unwin.

This week we have read the middle part of the book & most of my below comments will be **spoilers GALORE** .

**spoilers from this point**

Kate continued her readings of Elizabeth’s journals & wishing that she knew Elizabeth in her younger years.  This week, we see that part of which each of us would love to know but not really (ie. what others really think of us & our actions).  Kate had reached that point in time where Elizabeth met her and recorded her thoughts of Kate in her jounals.  Whilst there were ‘wincing’ moments, I have to say that it wasn’t that bad.  Kate probably would have felt a bit of guilt and cringed at some of the things she said / did but then again, we are all human and will have experienced those moments ourselves but not all of us relived the moments from someone else’s perpective so I think there is some lesson learnt here.

I can relate however to the zombie-ness of motherhood (my son is about to turn 3).  And I’d like to be rebellious too and tell the world that I didn’t go as low as to drink Decaf!  Urrk!

Kate has started to wonder at things she has kept from Chris and in return, what things have Chris kept from her.  It is always sad that after years of marriage / partnership, you’d find your other half have kept something from you.  And yet, this is not unusual and quite common although I’m thinking in the general scheme of things.  For example, my husband usually would not have told me he has bought a new blu-ray disc and when I asked him when he got that particular movie, he would airily replied that he got it ages ago.  I, however, do that same thing with my book purchases LOL.

I have to accept that I have no more idea of what happens in the solitary parts of his mind than he has of mine, and wonder if all couples are like this.  In love and simpatico in many ways, but ultimately unknowing and unknowable.

Whilst Dave isn’t the most likeable character, I just feel sorry for him.  He just looks… weak.  Whilst I may have taken him back from running away from the disease which after all goes away by itself and I would have shared the pregnancy with him, I beg to differ in the marriage decision.  Elizabeth knew that she would not be able to rely on him anyway, so why bother to go the whole nine yards?  But then again, I’ve not seen what happens after he left his golf tours and whether he will actually contribute in equal partnership of parenthood.

Chris is mostly absent this week as he left for work overseas but there’s a description about him that I really like – a laidback happy-go-lucky man.  Kate is lucky to have such a husband even though she fears that he may not understand her paranoias.  He may be right as even I find it a little bit hard to understand where she’s coming from.  I understand only that I had more fears after I had my child but I’ve clamped down a lot on them as reality is I can only do best I can and that’s pretty limited and the fact that I just don’t have time to over worry much 😉

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