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I don’t pretend to be high-browed literary reader and / or reviewer.  I’m just your average woman (can’t say ‘gal’ anymore!) who works 4 days a week and is a mother of one (or 3, if you count hubby & dog).  My reading time is pretty much limited within commute to/from work and some lunch times when I’m feeling anti-social. 

I absolutely am a bookaholic; I love to read and adore to continually build my home collection.  My craziness extend to the fact that when I see someone with a Dymocks* bag on the street, I am always tempted to grab it and run (I’d say thanks, of course!).  So far, I have managed to restrain my potentially self-destructive impulse but I am chomping at the bit. My respect to readers is in the form of not asking those who are reading what it is they are reading though if you see me peeking over your shoulder; do just tilt the book my way a teeny bit so I check out your book 😉

Whilst I don’t limit my reading, in fact, I do try to stretch it in all possible ways; I won’t always review everything I read.  This is because there are just some times I do not be of being able to live up or to justify what I’ve read in my reviews.  If the book is a review request one, however, I would usually post a review.  My reviews are usually based on my emotional experience in reading.  I believe reading to be subjective and that all readers will have own unique experiences / reactions toward a book.  Hence, my reviews are my own very personal experience captured in words, as best I can.

If you are an author (especially an Australian one) and would like to be featured on the blog (either in form of book review, guest post, etc) please email me at tiensblurb@gmail.com.  Please do include a description of your book and a brief note as to what you would like to see on the blog.  Please note: I reserve my right to decline purely on basis on whether your book appeals to me as a reader.  As you would understand, this is my blog and any books / authors featured should fit within my bookish inclination.

*Dymocks is an Australian book store chain

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9 thoughts on “About

    1. Tien Post author

      Aren’t they just the best!? I don’t know how many times I’ve re-read them. They’re a “must have”, absolutely essential 🙂

  1. sarahpoemsandsongs

    Hey Tien! Thanks for checking out the blog that I just started! Didn’t know you had a blog too! Your blog looks really developed, and i can see that you love reading 🙂 keep it up. Hope you have been well too. Will keep in touch, even if it is through our respective blogs! Love, Sarah.

    PS. Yes, enjoying married life. Thanks for your congratulations. Hope you are enjoying being a MUM!! xx

  2. Jane Routley

    Thanks for visiting my author site. Your entry’s in. I love to look of your site. I too am fascinated by books about South East Asia. It began at 5 when I first saw pictures of Angkor Wat in the National Geographic and went on when I studied Vietnam and Malaysia in my hisotry degree. Great to read the review of another book.

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