Review: This Picture of You

this picture of youThis Picture of You by Sarah Hopkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: Uncorrected Proof courtesy of Publisher

It felt like it took me forever to read this book, especially the last half where I made myself to read at least 2 chapters per day in the fear that I’d never finished it otherwise. It’s not that it’s a terrible book –as you can see from my rating, it’s far from being a bad book, but rather it cuts too close to home. I am rather sensitive on some issues and once, I sort of guess the mystery, I became somewhat reluctant to continue reading. Sshhh, I peeked at the ending and decided that it was worth finishing.

My interest in the book is the mystery of Martin’s lack of memory. I knew this was not a case of amnesia but the thought of tracking back to the past captivated me. Unfortunately, one part of the past is usually something I’d avoid reading (it just makes me angry). This is a stumbling block for me because I quite liked the rest of the book. I enjoyed the descriptive language about the house, the New York memories, etc. This Picture of You is a powerfully shrewd read and I was lured to keep on reading by the language and certain characters.

What I appreciate most from this novel is the strong women characters. They are far from perfect but their strength are amazing and I wish they were more developed as they’d rather intrigued me. Maggie: as she struggles not only with Martin’s actual illness but also whatever that’s happened in the past that was hidden from her. Iris: a 74 year old lady, the rock of her family and community. And then, there’s Laini: a mother and a blogger; ‘nuff said 😉

So was the ending worth it? It was and it wasn’t. The very ending was so very sad and I felt quite disappointed that after this journey, that’s all that’s left but… it is life. I was quite happy at the direction of the ending; of how the ‘mystery’ was wrapped up though there were a couple of other loose threads which I wished were taken care of. Overall, it was a riveting read.

Thank you, Allen & Unwin for copy of Uncorrected Proof via The Reading Room

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