Blog Tour: The King’s Questioner -a Review + Giveaway (US only)

The King’s Questioner
Nikki Katz
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: January 14th 2020
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

From Nikki Katz, the author of The Midnight Dance , comes The King’s Questioner, an epic YA fantasy featuring royal drama, dark magic, and a secret that could topple a kingdom.

Kalen is a mental picklock, able to access a person’s memories and secrets by touch. His skills make him the perfect questioner to the king, and he spends his days interrogating prisoners of the crown.

But when Kalen’s estranged childhood friend, Prince Cirrus, falls into a sudden coma, the king begs Kalen to intervene. By accessing Cirrus’s mind, Kalen saves his life—and uncovers a terrifying secret. The prince has a sister, banished long ago, and she is the key to the destruction or survival of the kingdom.

With the help of Cirrus and a silver-haired thief named Luna, Kalen must find the princess and bring her home. Or risk death at the hands of his king.

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My Blurb (3 / 5 stars)

I’ve always wanted to read The Midnight Dance but you know… too many books, too little time… so I’m aware of Nikki Katz and when the opportunity came to participate in this blog tour, I had little hesitation. The blurb feels like it could be right in my alley even if the cover is somewhat unappealing but I’m one of those who thinks less is more and there was just too many things happening there. Still, I could have enjoyed the story… historical fantasy YA has always been a weakness of mine.

The King’s Questioner has quite interesting premise with a protagonist who can access your mind by a touch – who wants anyone to rummage to your mind?! And a banished princess who can either destroy or save the kingdom. Friends and frenemies formed a circle to unlock this secret in a bid to save the kingdom. Will they survive? And dare I hope for romance along the way? (I can’t help it! I’m a romantic)

This world and its magic were actually exactly what I was looking for. And I truly enjoy the interaction between Kalen, Luna, and Cirrus. I really like their friendship and how they work together. The King’s Questioner was very very easy to read but I felt a little two dimensional. I think it was trying to fit too many things into it that there just wasn’t enough left to develop the world. There wasn’t a twist to jolt me and I’m also left with a number of questions. Overall, interesting world + great friendship + average romance(s) = I like it.

My thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for having me on this tour and  copy of ebook in exchange of honest review


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About the author

Nikki Katz is an author and editor living in sunny San Diego with her three children. With a BS in aerospace engineering, Nikki first put her writing skills to use publishing four nonfiction books. She moved on to writing young adult fiction, her favorite genre to read as well. The Midnight Dance is her debut novel.

Find Nikki on: Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


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