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My Reading Week

I’ve had the very good luck of catching a cold right before the long weekend so I’ve pretty much spent the weekend at home and probably will not be stepping any foot out the door for the rest of the long weekend except maybe to look for food… the fridge & pantry are looking pretty bare right about now.  Hubby’s about to step out to get us some dinner.  I’ve begged him to get him a small bag of Kettle chips (Honey Soy) and he’s refusing me!  How could he refused a sick wife her comfort food?  Enough whinging on my part!  Hope the rest of you are having a terrific weekend and for all the Aussies, Happy Australia Day!  Don’t forget to enter the Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop!

Update: he loves me after all, he came back with the chips, yay! 😀 ❤

This week is all about books I’ve purchased (erm, yea, book buying ban broken within 13 days from NY day, lol).  A few of these are second hand and about half will fit in my challenges this year.  I was slightly generous and bought one for my son 😉

Currently reading:

What I’ll HAVE to pick up this week:

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My Reading Week

Aaah, thanks for coming along on the ride for me, if you’ve been around the past week, you’ve seen that I’ve decided to tackled on both memes I was considering.  We’ll see how long that will last, especially the Truth or Dare -this vlog business is nerve wracking!  Nevertheless, thank you so much for all your encouraging notes about my voice; you guys have definitely made my day. Hugs & Kisses to you all!

It’s been a pretty busy week for me and so, a very very slow reading period.  I went to the movies twice (*gasp* oh, the luxury!) -once with my kiddo for Walking With Dinosaurs in 3D (his first full feature film and he gets to see his fave dinosaurs in 3D -he absolutely loved it) and then, with a couple of girlfriends to see The Railway Man.  I must say that I didn’t really know that much about The Railway Man and I wasn’t really in the mood for a serious movie – I went just to hang out with my friends for a bit.  When discussing this with a friend, she commented how underwhelming my ‘review’ of the movie was… but I just couldn’t help myself.  At the risk of sounding superficial, Colin Firth’s glasses were just so prominent that it really distracted me from the whole movie! I was getting really annoyed with that.  Plus, the young Japanese translator -um, he doesn’t look like he knows if he’s supposed to be there?  The only bit I love, though, was the endin… I haven’t read the book or any reviews so I was really unsure how it was supposed to turn out and I was completely blown away.  The ending sooo saved the movie for me 🙂

Then on Saturday evening, I went to see “An Evening with David Sedaris” at the Sydney Opera House.  It was such a wonderful evening, when the lights came on, I was surpised to find that 1.5 hours have passed.  He’s such a witty story-teller.  He read some of his diary entries, and seriously, I wish my diary entries were like his!  I can’t thank Hachette Books Australia enough for these tickets! My girlfriend and I absolutely enjoyed the night.

The post seems to be geneous this week with 2 deliveries of books.  It’s a thrilling experience each time I ripped into those packages -I’m sure you booklovers will know what I’m talking about 😉  This week I’ve received:

From Hachette Book Australia:

From Harlequin Books Australia:

Currently reading:

What I’ll be trying to fit in this week:

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My Reading Week

I’ve been considering of joining in a meme or two but I just can’t decide what would be fun to do without too much of a pressure (ie. more books to read).  For part of last year, I participated in the Random Reads hosted by i’m loving books which were really fun and helped to trim down random readsthat TBR.  However, with my focus this year being to complete challenges I’ve taken up, I didn’t really need another book to read per month so I’m shelving this challenge this year.

teaserI’ve always wanted to join in Teaser Tuesdays though I still haven’t fully made up my mind if I wanted to commit a weekly post…. easy as it is!

I also saw Truth {or} Dare hosted by Jenna {does} Books which looks really fun and requires a bit of daring sometimes!  This might come with a bit of pressure depending on the weekly task though.


What do you think?  Help me make up my mind!  I’m a very indecisive person (most times!) so I’m going to need some sort of push one way or another ;p

Currently reading:

What I’ll be trying to fit in this week:

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