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Review: Taste of Darkness

tasteTaste of Darkness by Maria V. Snyder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of publisher via NetGalley

Please note this is a review of the third and last book of The Healer trilogy and there will be spoilers in respect to earlier books

One of the most anticipated book of the year for me is Taste of Darkness. The months that I’ve waited for this ‘hopefully’ glorious conclusion were totally agonising. Of course I was one of the first ones to request this title on Netgalley. Thankfully, I was left to my own devices that weekend (the boys went camping) and boy oh boy oh boy, did I gorge myself! And yes, I stayed up to finish reading 😉

Book 3 picks up exactly where book 2 left off- lucky ducks, we didn’t miss out on 1 second of Avry & Kerrick at all! If you remember, we were all left to die when our hearts just completely broke at the end of book 2… so book 3 was really like a salve to our fractured souls.

It was going on tangents all the time and this really tests my patience. I kept telling myself just wait and it will all make sense in the end. It did but unlike books 1 & 2, I felt this book was slightly messy and that Snyder was trying to give some ‘airtime’ to other characters which I don’t really think is necessary because all we want is Avry & Kerrick. I know some would love this additional aspect but I found it a little too much to my taste.

I’ve seen some reviews who love and rave about the political / war / strategy content. Unfortunately, I’ve recently found out that I’m just not one of those (didn’t enjoy GoT as much as I thought I might’ve). In this, at least, is a bit of difference from previous Snyder works. It has a more epic fantasy feel rather than the usual YA fantasy.

Overall, I have really enjoyed reading this book though I’m slightly deflated at the ending. I’m not sure whether it’s the ending that really was a little off or I was just disappointed that the Healer trilogy has come to an end. I suspect it is the later. I cannot wait for further works from Maria V. Snyder; as always, she never disappoints.

Thanks to Harlequin Books for copy of eARC via NetGalley

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