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My Reading (or rather Baking) Week

Phew!  Golly, I’m so glad it’s done and over with!  Over the weekend, my son had his 4th birthday party and as always, every year for the past 4 years, I’ve started baking at least 2 weeks before.  There is a theme and therefore, themed cookies and cake.  Hence, the intense pressure of it all.  I have to confess that the pressure comes from myself -The Perfectionist Queen :p

The theme this year was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and theme-related food includes:

1. Shuriken Cookies (thanks to Lizzie’s Cake Log for the tips though I used my own sugar cookies recipe)

2. Raphael (Ninja Turtle) Cake (thanks to homespooled for the instruction though I tried to make it look as if he was peeking out of a manhole but… well, it was an interesting result!)

3. Turtle Cupcakes (it was green tea cupcakes with chocolate icing which was meant to look like the shells but I didn’t have time to draw the lines)

4.  Swamp Jelly with sour worms (hubby says no one will get this reference so I’ll spell it out… Michaelangelo loves to cook and he comes up with weird & wonderful recipes with disastrous results)

The main meal itself were bought: Sushi and Pizzas (of course!).  I got some garlic bread too though as my son told me, “turtles never eat garlic bread.”  Hhhmmm, why didn’t I think of that?!

 bakefest bday

Now that it’s over, it’s time to knuckle down and write tons more of reviews (I’m so behind that my NG stats have fallen, boo!) so you can look forward to more chatter from me the next couple of weeks while it’s quiet before the Christmas festivities come blowing in.  PLUS, I’ve committed to read Game of Thrones with a couple of GR friends starting 1 December.  We’re aiming to read about 30% per week and then finish it off as we can fit it in between Christmas parties 😉  If you’d like to join in, you can find the GR discussion thread, here.

And now for the newly arrived:

Thank you, Harlequin Australia, for these beauties:

  • Right as Rain by Tricia Singer (I’m late getting into these Aussie farm lits)
  • Pawn by Aimee Carter
  • Captivate by Vanessa Garden

Thanks The Reading Room for these review copies:

Plus a number of Unexpected Approvals (!!!) on Netgalley:

Let’s not forget the WINS that arrived too:

This week, I’d be reading some looked-forward-to Romances (*sighs* be still, my heart!):

And to fit in between:

staircase sisterhood shadowplay right as rain prayer pawn dark heart captivate canton almost the descentdeliverance infamy nobody awakening

Read Along: Les Misérables -Volume 5: Jean Valjean


Whoopee!!  Yipee!!  Horray!!  It is done!  It is finished!

The best volume in the whole novel, I believe.  Or at least, one that entertained me most.  The suspense of the barricade, Valjean’s roller coaster mood, and of course, it is when all converged into one glorious ending.

There were a couple of tangential thoughts but not as many as the previous volumes nor as ponderous.  The history of Parisian sewerage, whilst not to my taste, was interesting to note.

Marius, unable to secure his grandfather’s assistance for marriage, could not find Cosette.  She has gone away and life means nothing to him now.  He looks to his death at the barricade.  However, Fate conspires to prevent his death.  Firstly through Eponine (what a heroine!) then Valjean (with Titanian strength and courage).  Marius is definitely a product of the period so whilst I understood the reasoning behind his thoughts, that did not help me in liking him one little bit.  This was mostly due to his cold attitude towards Valjean after his confession.  I kept thinking of the good bishop (M.Myriel) and why Marius can’t be a little like him after all Valjean has done (even in secret) – is he blind as well as dense?!?! (okay, I admit being a little insensible with anger)

I found that I utterly dislike Cosette.  So she’s young (19).  So she’s led a very very sheltered life.  So both Marius and Valjean and everybody thinks she’s an angel.  From the little I’ve read (there really wasn’t much of her), she’s a silly little wench -superficial, easily distracted, timid, unthinking, etc (I think I had better stop now).

Valjean was heart broken to find out that Cosette’s heart no longer belongs to him only.  She loves another with the passion of a woman.  Despite his heartbreak, he wants only one thing: for Cosette to be happy.  With all the strength he has left, he made it all happen: rescued Marius from the barricade, arranged for the couple to marry (without any possible blemish to be found on the security of this institution), and ensuring the future financially.  His sacrifice was complete – he gave his all for the light of his life to continue to shine.

Javert  excites my pity, Thénardier makes me huffed with exasperation and I can only shake my head at the antics of M. Gillenormand.  Despite my disliking Marius and Cosette, Valjean’s light shone ever so brightly.  A beginning full of suspense and action, a middle thick with disappointment and angst, completed with an ending to beautifully crafted -everything packaged neatly into an un-labelled box.

Read Along: Les Misérables -Volume 4: Saint-Denis


Confession time: I’ve not finish this volume yet!  I’m 20 pages shy but am too tired to read (or to even write this post) but I should’ve done this so much earlier.  What can I say… quite a bit actually!  I have to apologise first though as this post may turn out to be a rant!

I was really disappointed with Cosette!  She SWOONED!  *AUGH!*

As it also happened I started reading Mansfield Park too the other week and erm, know I remember why I didn’t finish it – Fanny Price swooned!! *gagging noises*

So Cosette & Fanny swooned for different reasons and I have fainted before (sickness and too much sun) so I’m not dissing the fact that you can faint due to some real illness etc but Gah! I can’t stand my heroines to be weak & swoony!  I ilke them strong and totally kick-ass!  Like…

Eponine!  What a gutsy chick!  I had to take a point off of her for falling for Marius though. She followed him, she manouvered some moves to make him hers and as she died…

with that tragic joy of jealous heart that drag the being they love into death with them, saying, “Nobody shall have him.”

All right, if you’re only reading this then she doesn’t sound so impressive but what she did that caused her death is one of the most touching bit of this book!  Gutsy, indeed!

I was ranting to a friend yesterday who agreed with dislike at Cosette and Marius yet she loves this book for the values being put forth throughout this book, primarily through Valjean but also some via Javert and some others.  I wonder if Cosette and Marius are omitted from the whole novel, whether it’ll make much of a difference?  Well, it will probably not make such a popular musical / movie etc however, we’ll have to consider this further at the end of the novel (in 2 weeks’t time).

Oh, shall I mentioned also that my friend and I actually like Marius’ grandfather?  I’m not at all sure if we’re supposed to like him,  He definitely doesn’t sound like someone I’d like in real life but he’s sooo broken!

Father Mabeuf also touched my heart this week… especially that one time when he was looking for a book to carry under his arm only to realise that he has none left -he’s sold them all! I think if that ever happened to me, it certainly is time to leave this world, as Father Mabeuf did in style!

I’ve definitely enjoyed this volume most to date.  That’s mostly because all these characters are coming together for me and there are a lot of stuff happening in this volume.  I can’t wait for the end though!

Read Along: Les Misérables -Volume 3: Marius


Arrgh, the most boring volume yet!  Is anyone feeling the same?  Thing is I feel nothing for this volume -well, almost nothing.  There was a lot of stuff I didn’t particularly care for and I supposed, at this stage, I do NOT care for Marius *gasp!*

At first, I was really excited seeing that we get to learn about Marius’ background (note that I didn’t particularly know very much about Marius ‘cept on his later connection with Cosette).  An angry bitter child / young man due to his perception of his father’s rejection of him – a sad childhood in the home of an old man (his grandfather) and a spinster (his aunt who did not care for him).  His father’s death did not touch him until such time that he met, by coincidence, a man who told him of his father’s love for him.

When Marius discovered the reason of the rift in his family, he went out to explore the political differences and chose side on his own.  At first, I was a bit sceptical about this as it just sounded like something drastic you’d do after a traumatic event.  However, as Marius struck out on his own (even though it was kind of enforced on him) and despite poverty and lack of food, he had the strength to return his grandfather’s money to stand by his principles – this I totally admire and then, understood that it really meant something to him.

But then, the next moment, I got truly frustrated with him – in his encounters with Cosette and Valjean. It seems Valjean has yet donned another personae, M. LeBlanc, which totally suited his appearance.  It was just so frustrating witnessing Marius’ ineptness and utter stupidity in these encounters. I really had to laugh at this part though…

For days and days after this piece of good fortune [Marius picked up a white handkerchief of which he thought belonging to Cosette], he always appeared at the Luxembourg kissing this handkerchief and placing it on his heart.  The beautiful child did not understand this at all, and told him so through imperceptible signs.

Seriously, I would’ve thought Marius to be some sort of pervert!  Which they probably did and therefore, changed their habit and moved house with no forwarding address.  What a fool!

The last part of this volume was the Best part as it was just so suspenful; it was utterly exciting to read!  But then, I was once again frustrated with Marius -a fainting spell, seriously, “Be a Man and Do the Right Thing!”  With the relief that Marius felt in not having to choose whom to save whilst things appear to resolve best they can by themselves, I am left disappointed that Marius didn’t have a chance to prove his manhood here.

Am I being a little too critical of Marius?  Whilst intellectual, he is seriously weak in many other ways and this is just too frustrating for me.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this volume… do link up your post and it doesn’t work for you, leave a link on the comments 🙂

Read Along: Les Misérables -Volume 2: Cosette


I was truthfully quite bored at the beginning of this volume.  50+ pages dedicated to describe the Battle of Waterloo from which Hugo is making a point but it bores me because most of the names & places mean nothing to me.  It might actually makes a difference if I know some of these characters & places. I get it that it was a glorious war – great & cunning generals were involved, weather affecting outcomes, and even Lady Luck played a role.  But in the end, Napoleon was crushed and grave robbers took the spoils – despite it all, nothing truly changes for the better…

The only thing I really liked about this part was how Hugo brought it back to the storyline with the appearance of Thénardier. I had to laugh as to just how ridiculous he is and the whole situation with Pontmercy.

Did you enjoy this tale of Battle of Waterloo?

Valjean could be James Bond seeing the way he was escaping prison.  He planned.  He waited for a good opportunity.  He wasted not a moment and whilst people are distracted he escaped and faked his death at the same time.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he’d made a very good spy [see below].  I loved the way he made his entrance into Cosette’s life (by carrying a too-heavy bucket for her out of the darkest of night).  And when, he picked up Cosette and she laid her head down on his shoulders… *awww* I am touched & entranced – this is trust… the beginning of love… 🙂  On another note, it’s surprising that Cosette retained some sincerity & faith in others noting her past 5 years with the Thénardiers.  Is the point that she is intrinsically a good person?

Thénardier still posed just as ridiculous and his corruptness made just the perfect foil for Valjean.  Didn’t you feel contempt at when he was trying to squeeze Valjean for all he can?  Or didn’t you smirk in triumph when Valjean put him back in his place by showing him Fantine’s note?  or snort when he even considered to tackle Valjean ’til he realised the size differences?  Despite all this ridicule or maybe because he is so ridiculous, I think I actually like this character!  LOL

How do you think Cosette remained to be such sweet child after all these years?

Valjean really needed to disappear and I supposed Paris was a good choice – lots of people there, right?  Will be easy to escape notice, right?  Well, it appears he cannot keep from being noticed due to his strange behaviour, “the stranger who gives alms”.  And then, when he was trying to escape from Javert, he doesn’t know where he’s going! It’s pretty obvious that he hasn’t charted a Plan B (Escape Route when Discovered). Definitely, not a spy material!  Still, his desperation in combination with his superhuman strength is the combo necessary to ensure his & Cosette’s safety.  And he climbed over an impossible wall for the haven on the other side.

Javert is truly a man Obsessed.  He will pursue Valjean not caring of the little girl implicated in his chase.  She is, to him, expendable.  He is ambitious and yet, cautious, in trying to ensure his success to be such that a promotion will be the undeniable result.  This is a man I can envision to be losing sleep as he hunted for his prey, unbending in his faith in the law and their systems.  How terrifying!

One wonders whether Javert has considered all and chose to place his absolute faith in The Law or whether he was in such desperate circumstances that he saw The Law as his only “escape route” and therefore, blinded to all other avenues by his self-imposed blinkers…

*sigh* and we had another tangentials to dwell in the Convent and the Church.  Not a very positive view this time around (in comparison to M. Myriel) yet it highlights the point where a system may be corrupt and yet, there are those with pure faith and in practice too.  Nevertheless, a convent is a perfect ‘retirement’ for Valjean – its seclusion from the world outside gave Valjean the sense of security and peace he has not previously (another chance at life).

I think there is a place in the world for convents – but unfortunately, the one we are particularly seeing in this book, is a very self-serving one.  One where you live in utter seclusion from the world, not being able to see your own relatives much less touch them affectionately.  This is utter tosh to me.  I believe that being children of God calls us to serve others and how can you serve anybody when you are living “outside” of the world?

What do you think life in a convent will be like for Cosette?  Especiall in a harsh one like the convent of Petit-Picpus?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this volume… do link up your post and it doesn’t work for you, leave a link on the comments 🙂

Read Along: Les Misérables -Volume 1: Fantine


I am surprisingly enjoying my read the past week.  Surprising because the first couple of times I’ve picked this up, I’ve never got beyond the Bishop.  I think maybe the glass of wine / honeymead I consumed each reading session helped?  I don’t normally drink and I can safely say, that I’ve probably drank more the past week than I have last year… LOL.  As I was saying to hubby, ‘It’s set in France… France – Wine, am I reaching a bit far, do you think?’

In my ‘Introduction’, Lee Fahnestock commented that ‘Hugo conceived of the book as the story of a saint, a man, a woman, and a little girl.’

What do you think of Bishop Myriel?  He’s definitely described as being truly saintly; I’m wondering if there’s any pessimistic reader out there?

He would talk like that, gravely and paternally, inventing parables when he lacked examples, going straight to the point with a few phrases and a lot of images, with the very eloquence of Christ, convincing and persuasive.

For me, I really do admire him and wish that I could be like him! One thing is for sure, I would probably be happier with life if I’m not so attached to many material things.  However, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t struggling with some things though – although, ‘struggle’ is probably too strong a word. We still see him ‘learning’ things at times – like finally letting go of the silvers (the last luxury items he had held onto for so long) etc.

For those of you who are reading this for the first time, was there any assumptions you have made previously from whatever source which was just incorrect?  Was there anything which surprises you from the past week’s readings?

I somehow assumed that Fantine’s lover was a sailor or something like that – who knows why… that was a wacky assumption on my part!  And he turned out to be some snooty bratty rich dude!  Who, by the by, was not impressive at all – balding with bad teeth!  Okay, so his appearance obviously wasn’t what he has going for him…

According to Wikipedia, there are some differences in the musical:

  • Rather than being fired for being an unwed mother, a fellow female worker steals her letter from the Thénardiers claiming another need for money; the worker presumes that she is a prostitute to cover her debts with the low wages. Valjean sees this, but leaves this to his foreman; the foreman, his advances having been rejected by Fantine, fires her.
  • Fantine also does not appear to be illiterate as when the foreman hands her the letter from the Thénardiers she is able to read it just as well as anyone else.
  • Fantine dies peacefully in hospital with Valjean at her side after entrusting him with Cosette; Javert never reveals Valjean’s true identity to her, as he arrives after her death.

And Javert!!  I always thought of him as truly mean!  But reading his background made me understand just how circumstances made him into such a hard man.  He is pitiable not only because of his background but that he’s not been able to preserve his humanity – the compassion for others.

What do you think of the contrast between Javert & Valjean?

Valjean did not have an easy childhood himself nor did he have an easy time as an adult being incarcerated to begin with and then ostracized for being a parolee and yet… a kindness granted him a new lease of life!  A kindness which drives him to compassions towards others.

Whether true or false, what is said about men often has as much influence on their lives, and particularly on their destinies, as what they do.

Does this provoke a serious review on your attitude towards others?  A little kindness on our part to others (like giving up a seat on the train even!) may make that much of a difference to others.

“The Infinite exists. It is there.  If the infinite had no me, the me would be its limit; it would not be the infinite; in other words, it would not be.  But it is.  Then it has a me.  This me of the infinite is God.”

Over to you!  What has been the high point for you this week?  Any quote/s which bowled you over this week?

By the way, I am actually away for the weekend (playing camp parents at a youth camp) and I think internet connection may be patchy at best, so I’ll get back to you after the weekend!  Have a fantastic one, everybody!

I have this song in my head whilst I’m typing this post, so… does anyone remember this?

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Review: The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D

The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D
The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D by Nichole Bernier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not a genre that I’m totally comfortable in reading however the premise sounds intriguing and what’s more fun, it was a read along. Surprisingly, I kinda enjoyed the reading, well, mostly anyway. I liked the atmosphere of the book as I found that reading it actually relaxes me. Something about the pace and probably, being set in an island (beach setting), induces further relaxation. I just adore the beach!

I only said I kinda enjoyed the reading because I felt pressure right near the beginning by the uncertainty of Kate’s relationship with her husband that I. Just. Had. To. Peek. At. The. Ending. I HAD TO! I just couldn’t help myself and it’s not often that this happened. In any case, I tried not to read too much into it, just enough to relief that pressured feeling ;p

It’s very interesting that Kate seems like she really did not know Elizabeth at all; that all of Elizabeth was poured into her journals to be discovered by Kate. Indeed, which one of us feels comfortable in opening ourselves to others, all our uncensored thoughts?

“It’s not a matter of loving writing. It’s something I need to do. It helps me vent and figure things out. I don’t have to think about anyone else’s feelings or judgements. It’s the one place I really get to have my say.”

Kate herself didn’t feel quite right. She has lost confidence in the world and therefore, lost her confidence in it. She scours the news for tragedies and imagines it to ‘can happen’ to her & her family any time of the day. It was starting to push her beyond her limits and she is not sure how to deal with it. Thing is, she’s not the only one who has ever thought about this kind of things – Elizabeth did too:

How many things in life are like this, near misses? Every day consists of these tiny choices with 57,000 trickle-down effects. You catch a different subway and brush against a stranger with meningitis, or make eye contact with someone you fall in love with, or buy a lotto ticket in this bodega instead of that one and totally cast in, or miss the train that ends up derailing. Everything is so fucking arbitrary. Every move you make and a million ones you don’t all have ramifications that mean life or death or love or bankruptcy or whatever. It could paralyze you if you let it. But you have to live your life. What’s the alternative?

It was starting to really affect her relationship with her husband, Chris. Although, Chris himself, has his own secrets or so it seems…

I have to accept that I have no more idea of what happens in the solitary parts of his mind than he has of mine, and wonder if all couples are like this. In love and simpatico in many ways, but ultimately unknowing and unknowable.

When I actually reached the ending, whilst it was an acceptable ending, I still felt a little un-fulfilled. It was just too silent for me… I wouldn’t call this a ‘fun’ read but it was certainly an enjoyable one.

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Read Along Pt 3: The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D

The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D by Nichole Bernier

I am participating in a read along hosted by Bree @1 Girl 2 Many Books & sponsored by Australia’s own Allen & Unwin.

This week we read the last third of the book so beware of spoilers…

**spoilers alert**

I mentioned in week 1 that I took a little peek at the ending so whilst I wasn’t totally un-prepared for it, I was still slightly disappointed that it wasn’t more conclusive.  There were implications that things are or will be on the mend between Kate & Chris but that’s all we’re left with.  So, whilst it was an acceptable ending to a novel, it wasn’t quite fulfilling (for my heart).

I was feeling Kate’s outrage at being cheated with the last journal being ‘stolen’ from her.  Kate suspected Dave took it and was very angry at him.  I was actually put off by her anger at him. I supposed I’m just a passenger in this story so I didn’t have Kate’s drive / obsession in Elizabeth’s journals.  I actually am on Chris’ side as I just don’t get her obsession.  I think we learnt earlier on that Chris is just a totally laid back guy who doesn’t particularly question / confront everything that doesn’t make sense to him (ie. he just lets things go).

Whilst I’m still questioning as to the reason Elizabeth left her journals to Kate, I understand that telling her journals everything is her only way to express & relieve herself of her burden.  As Max puts it,

“It’s not a matter of loving writing.  It’s something I need to do.  It helps me vent and figure things out.  I don’t have to think about anyone else’s feelings or judgements.  It’s the one place I really get to have my say.”

Elizabeth’s action in hiding her illness from everybody is understandable, of course, especially noting her earlier experience with Dave.  Dave may have been disappointed that she didn’t trust him after all these years but really not many people would were they in Elizabeth’s shoe.  She may have learnt to open herself later on but as we see here, time did not permit.

I’m glad though that Kate, at least, learnt something for herself which hopefully will assist in working out her marriage to Chris…

How many things in life are like this, near misses?  Every day consists of these tiny choices with 57,000 trickle-down effects.  You catch a different subway and brush against a stranger with meningitis, or make eye contact with someone you fall in love with, or buy a lotto ticket in this bodega instead of that one and totally cast in, or miss the train that ends up derailing.  Everything is so fucking arbitrary.  Every move you make and a million ones you don’t all have ramifications that mean life or death or love or bankruptcy or whatever.  It could paralyze you if you let it.  But you have to live your life.  What’s the alternative?

I, for one, have made it a point not to part with my family with words of anger (even before we sleep at night cuz who knows what can happen whilst we sleep, right?)

Join a Read Along: Les Misérables (15 Sept – 1 Dec)

I have enjoyed my first read along so much that I am inspired to host mine own!  Anna Karenina was a book I envisioned I will never pick up, much less finished, but a read along was just the Push & the support I needed.  It was just so good to rant & rave with others who are at reading at around the same part as you!

Les Misérables is one I have wanted to read for soooo long.  In fact, I purchased a second hand book nearly 15 years ago and it has just been collecting dust.  I did try to read it once but did not past the first few pages.  That was a really dismal effort which greatly dismayed a good friend of mine (who, by the way, devoured it in one weekend!).  Seeing that another adaptation is on the way, I think it’s a really good timing to get this one dusted & read!  My good friend (above) has agreed to read it again along with me but I thought I’d put the call out there too and see if anyone else would like to come along for the ride.

Here’s my proposed schedule (noting that the book is divided into 5 volumes):

15 Sept – 28 Sept: Fantine

29 Sept – 12 Oct: Cosette

13 Oct – 26 Oct: Marius

27 Oct – 9 Nov: Saint Denis

10 Nov – 23 Nov: Jean Valjean

1 Dec:  Final Review

I know it looks like a long time (2.5 months) but we are practically reading a book every 2 weeks!  Remember, this is supposed to be fun, no pressure with lots of support to read this Chunkster of a book 😀  I do hope that you will join in, whether you have a blog or not.  If you wish, please click on Mister Linky below and add your link.  I look forward to sharing with you all!!

Btw, you don’t have to have a blog to participate…  you’re welcome to link your GR profile & I’ll look you up (or you can always look me up) and we can ‘rant & rave’ on GR 🙂

Grab a button here:

<a href=”https://tiensblurb.wordpress.com/2012/08/25/join-a-read-along-les-miserables-15-sept-1-dec/” style=”margin-left:1em;margin-right:1em;”><img border=”0″ height=”90″ src=”https://tiensblurb.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/les-mis-read-along.jpg?w=272&amp;h=90” width=”272″ /></a>

Please do let me know if either linky / button doesn’t work, it’s my first time with both 🙂

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet…

Anna Karenina Read Along Parts 7 & 8





A comparably shorter read this week with mostly pleasant things with a horrendous event sandwiched in between.  So, I don’t patricularly have much to say except that the Drama Queen Act cannot have a more fitting end.  Remember how / where she met Vronsky?  How ironic!  At the same time, it really reinforces just how vulnerable women were back then.  Anna was obviously stretched taut and broke apart.  Nevertheless, there was that undercurrent that all she really cares for is being adored for her beauty – what rot!  Even though, I just didn’t like Anna right from the beginning, I actually pitied her and felt awfully sorry for her lonesomeness.  She has had no support network and she really needed professional help; she obviously wasn’t able to cope being ostracized by society and clung ever more tighter to Vronsky.

It was pleasant to have good and happy things happening before and after the horrid event.  It was kinda funny for me with the way Levin was acting during the birth – thank goodness, childbirth is not such a taboo topic these days!  I’m not quite sure what to make of the ending though… Did Levin find God or did he not find God?  I don’t really understand and I don’t think he understood it that much either except that it made him that much happier & more content with life as it is.  Even though he first sought to be better in his relationship with others, he ended just accepting that he won’t be able to change – errr… What?  I don’t get it, did he or did he not find that spiritual faith?

There will be a final review on Anna Karenina in a couple of days’ time however I’d like to end this post by thanking Steph @Five Alarm Book Reviews for hosting this read-along and all other participants for the rants & raves.  It’s the first one I’ve participated it and I’ve had sooo MUCH FUN!  I’m inspired to host me own read-along (scheduled to start in September).  I’m eye-ing that chunky and very dusty tome that’s been sitting on my shelf for *clears throat* *flushes* *mumbles* maybe nearly fifteen years…  Yes Yes *Shock* *Horror* but it’s so Big!  All will be revealed in due time and I hope to have some support then 😉  Sssshhh… they’re making a new adaptation for this too!