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Review: Quick

quickQuick by Steve Worland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: paperback copy courtesy of author / publisher

When the book first arrived, my son tore open the package and said that this must be for him. There was a racing car on the cover so it mustn’t be mummy’s. He’s 4 and can’t read yet but persisted that he will read it when he’s 5. I myself would have said that Quick isn’t my usual cup of tea though now that I’ve read all 3 of Steve Worland’s blockbuster action works, I really can’t say that anymore… especially since I’ve enjoyed them all.

As I begin reading, I really thought that my ignorance of motor racing or of anything motor would be a detriment in understanding this book. The only think I can boast of is driving manual –which hubby (God bless him for his patience!) first taught me to drive in his Peugeot 206 then let me drive his Colt RalliArt then Legnum (all turbo-charged, I think –or is that even the right term / usage?). Even knowing the sound or how it felt when turbo engages, I really do NOT feel the need for speed. Thankfully, Quick really isn’t about speed… though it provided a very exciting background to this story.

Billy Hotchkiss is an easily likeable character. I felt though that he is quite similar to Corey Purchase ([book:Velocity|15824903)) in that down to earth, easygoing type of Aussie bloke. He is a Good Samaritan –he just can’t help himself from jumping in though he would usually end up in a scrape. Sometimes though, it’s totally worth it or so it seems as each scrapes landed him on greener grass anyway. His Aussie-ness, I found, to be underscored quite heavily especially in terms of his speech with lots of Aussie terms / phrases thrown in. This was slightly annoying though at times, it can be humorous. On the other hand, I found it slightly inexplicable that his French partner barely sounded “French” at the start and it was only a bit later that French expressions were introduced into the story.

The mystery, though large scale, isn’t the main feature of this novel either. Again, it provided a great background, diamond heists which spanned the globe with a more sinister agenda behind it all, but the actions in the effort of capturing these criminals were the highlights of the story. Thankfully, Billy isn’t a bumbling amateur in the fast lane so each encounter really was high in tension and very exciting. The term “action-packed” cannot be more apt when applied to Quick. Don’t worry about not knowing motoring terms; you’ll still enjoy the humour, the explosive actions, and the fight for justice. Oh, let’s not forget that bit of romance too! Fairly sweet for this lady’s perspective

There were many sceptical moments though I think reading an action adventure blockbuster novel is just like watching an action adventure blockbuster movie… you know certain things just aren’t going to happen like that in real life but you suspend belief and enjoy the ride. It was a blast of a ride –one I’ve come to expect of Steve Worland. A perfect read for those with a need for speed or those who love their action blockbusters.

Thank you, Steve Worland & Penguin Books Australia, for copy of paperback

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