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My somewhat Reading Week

Oh my word, tell me that you love the Catching Fire movie!  I finally went to see it last night and it has totally surpassed my expectation, even after my friends told me how good it was.  It was, at least, 3 times better than the first one!  My non-reader hubby came along, of course, without any warning (from my part) of the cliffhanger-ish ending and actually said that he’d consider reading the book!!  *be still my beating heart*   What I really want to do now is to abandon all my current reads for Catching Fire to relive all those scenes in my head yet again ;D

I am approximately 80% done with A Game of Thrones though I have to confess that I’m not enjoying it as much as other people seem to.  It seems to be a really good book but I just can’t rave about it.  I’ve been trying very hard to think about why this is… and from the way I am liking more certain POVs than others, it’s because I’m just finding all these political stuff too stressful and some violent incidents that I could barely handle 😦  My husband pointed out the obvious, “it’s called A Game of Thrones, d’Oh, what d’you expect?!”

And… the last (I think) reading challenge I’d commit myself for in 2014 is called ScatterShelves.  It’s a reading challenge adapted from the board game Scattergories which requires me to read books that has certain initial and fit within a certain goodreads shelf and / or category.  For better details, click on above link for the rules.  The Card for January is out and the letter required was “A”.  You’d think it’d be easy to find books to read but it took me 2 days before I was happy with my planned books:

1. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
2. Winnie the Pooh by A. A.Milne
3. The Crucible by Arthur Miller
4 The Arctic Incident (Artemis Fowl #2) by Eoin Colfer
5. The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman
6. Green Eggs And Ham by Dr. Seuss
7. Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
8. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
9. The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard
10. Where Angels Fear To Tread by E.M. Forster
11. And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
12. Murder At the Vicarage (Miss Marple #1) by Agatha Christie

Some exciting Additions to my shelf:

I bought these books whilst shopping for Christmas gifts for others.  No one else is about to gift me books so I think I deserve to spoil myself for Christmas!  What are you looking forward to this Holiday Season?

burra splendour ashala songbird silver horseman belonging fury midnight

My Reading Week

This week I decided that I wanted to do another detox thingy though not as strict as I did it 3 months ago. One of the consequence is that this is day 4 of NO COFFEE *GASP*  yep, I’m waiting for that withdrawal headache to hit.  I’m giving it 3 more days before I will be incapacitated (I’d probably need some panadol then).  Day 1, I was totally gung-ho, no coffee, lots of veggies, and as little sugar as possible.  Day 2, after having woken up super early for no reason at all…


Sooo…. I spoiled myself this week, latest residents being:

On the Netgalley front, I’ve been behaving myself.  I’ve not requested any this week (a little sad about it but I really have to catch up first) and I’ve somewhat caught up with half of my reviews which means that my stats are back up, woo hoo!!  Nonetheless, there is one Netgalley title I received an invite for (blog tour in January) and it’s… *drum rolls*

King Cave (Forever Evermore #2) by Scarlett Dawn

I’m soooo excited about this title!!!  A Paranormal new adult kick-ass heroine and super bad hottie vamp 😉  Interested?  The first book, King Hall, is currently back on Netgalley, so GO REQUEST!

On the actual reading front, I managed to finish off the 2 romances I meant to read so this week (on the lead up to 1 Dec), I’m going to try to finish the following 3 titles (2 of which I’ve started this weekend):

allegiantbook fiery shame dark magic kingcavebook king hall curse keepers   deliverance infamy