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Wacky Wednesday

Did I really naively believe that July will be a quieter month?  Uhh… yea, I did, D’OH!  It’s totally NOT working out for me :p  Let’s not fool ourselves though, it might be crazy but I’m pretty sure to be having a blast!

Speaking of having a blast, I have just attended my first ever Book Launch event at a local library,  supporting a local author, Yay Nicola Moriarty!


 Did you know that ‘Free-Falling’ wasn’t the original title?  Nicola also revealed that her second book is in its editing stage and gave us a bit of a spiel on what it’s about.

I’m happy to say that Nicola has agreed to an interview with little old me so keep an eye out, maybe she’d tell us a little bit more about her second novel… 😉  Maybeeee….

On another note, I’ve also met, at the same event, a GoodReads-er who lives a few blocks away from me!  She saw note in a GR group (I think that could’ve been my note) about the above event and decided to come along, what a small world!

Let’s have a look-see what I’ve got myself into this month!

*MS Read-A-Thon – It’s for a worthy cause so I’m really hoping we’ll make our goals!  Help us out by spreading the word, pretty please 🙂

*Random Reads @I’m Loving Books – again I’ve committed to 2 books even though I failed last month :p

*Page Count Contest @Reading Angel **NEW**

*Anna Karenina Read Along @Five Alarm Book Reviews – I’m pleased to say that I’m 14% through on the 4th day of the month and am actually enjoying it!

*Once Upon a Read-a-Thon @Candace’s Book Blog (start: 9th)

*I’ve also got to read about 3 books in the upcoming August blog tours!

And… another **NEW** which I hope will help me be up to date with my NetGalley reviews

*NetGalley Knock Down @Pretty Deadly Review – I’m going to commit to read the following galleys this month:


And you know what’s been playing in my head all day? Since I’m a bit wacky, it fits the bill LOL