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Review: Skin

skinSkin by Kylie Scott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Source: ebook courtesy of author, Kylie Scott, and Momentum

Six months ago, I would not have read any sort of zombie books. Something about them quite repulsed me even Justine Larbalestier’s arguments for them in Unicorns Vs. Zombies did not win me over. Thankfully, it also did not turn me off completely. I found, however, that I quite enjoyed it if the zombies are the baddies.

Bring on the shambling-lumbering moaning-groaning hungry for human flesh zombies!

I say all the time that I’d read pretty much everything so I thought I should really give these zombies a chance. I’m so glad that I read Flesh (Skin #1) as I fell completely, head over heels, in love with Daniel and Kylie Scott for creating this beautiful man! Hence, my second foray into zombie-world with Skin.

The tension were sizzling off the page and I don’t mean just sexual but everything from fear, attraction, and of course, sexual. And I loved being strung along for the ride. It was a shaky beginning for me with Nick’s ‘purchase’ of Roslyn and her captivity however it was Ros who won me over with her determination, vulnerability, and courage. Nick’s Alpha male attitude was a bit much at times and yet again, it’s Ros who balanced it out with her independent will. Ros was a school librarian and it appears, she likes to categorise people into Dewey decimals (which I found hilarious and cute at the same time), something like this…

He appeared to be doing the rugged-man thing again, overdue for a shave. She’d shove him into 573.3-Prehistoric Man.

I really can’t help to compare this book with the first one as I was completely blown away with Flesh. Unfortunately, Nick just isn’t Daniel (I am faithful, see!) and whilst the tension at the beginning was delicious, it didn’t last as it did in Flesh. However, I do like Ros more than Ali and I am starting to enjoy this dystopian/post-apocalyptic/invaded by zombies Australia.

More, please!

Thank you, Kylie Scott & Momentum, for providing a copy of the book

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