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Reading Challenges for the family

My 7 year old has had very good teachers for his 2 schooling years and especially this year, he has been pushed quite hard by his teacher. I don’t want him to lose whatever he’s achieved this school year in the summer holidays so I thought I’ll have to bribe him somehow but also having fun at the same time.

I am totally obsessed over reading challenges. I think this dated back to 2008 where I was introduced to Shelfari (merged with Goodreads earlier this year), specifically a group called Play Book Tag where they ran an amazing challenge. This group has moved to Goodreads so you can find them, here. When I first joined Goodreads (also in 2008), I wanted something similar to this group but more challenges than anything else, so I started a group called Pick-a-Shelf. This way I can create my own reading challenges any way I want! It’s been a blast and it’s been fairly good for my tbr 😉

These bookish social platforms, of course, limit the ages of their members and certainly, most reading challenges will NOT suit a 7yo. I’ve also searched online for “Kids Reading Challenges” and did not like what I found. This only spurred me on to create my own. And here it is…

reading-challenge-childSorry it’s a bit blurry, it’s too wide to show clear prints of text but if you click on the image, it should open it up bigger and clearer.

The challenge is to read a book as per required by task (shown above) to earn points as per noted under each task. If he completes a section, he’s awarded bonus points as per noted in the grey shaded boxes. At the end of the challenge (either completed all tasks or end of school holidays), he may redeem points he’s achieved for prizes.

BUT… how do you know if he actually reads the book? This is always the hard part as this will need you to sit down and go through some comprehensive questions. I decided a booklet with 4 generic questions will be a good start. He’ll need to write down (Writing exercises! 2 birds with 1 stone) his answers and then we can discuss the book along with his answers. So I’ve printed a booklet and am very excited that I also want to do it along with him (sans prizes). Of course, I’d have to adjust the number of page for the pages tasks but other than that I’ve left them as is.

I’ve also decided that the 2yo will also benefit from being included and he loves being read to so I’ve left most tasks the same except reduce the number of pages for the pages tasks. I’m still trying to talk hubby into this (he’s most definitely NOT a reader). I told him, the least he could do is encourage his sons by example… It’s not looking likely…

I wanted to share this Reading Challenge in case anyone would like to use it too. If you do, I’d love to hear from you: what did you change to suit you and/or your child, success or fail, etc. I’d also like to hear if you have any feedback, even if you’re not using this Reading Challenge, especially if you’re a teacher who works with young children.

Here are the links for you to download excel/word documents of the challenge.

Summer Reading Challenge – Worksheets

Summer Reading Challenge – Child Booklet

Summer Reading Challenge – Adult Booklet

The worksheet is for you to adjust tasks as per your liking. Then you’ll have to screen print and paste onto the Word doc for the booklet. When printing booklet, set to print double sided but to flip on the SHORT side. Booklet is designed so that the tasks are show in the middle of the booklet and the outside of booklet is plain so you can decorate cover as you please. I’ll try to take a Instagram video over the weekend so you can see what it looks like 🙂