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Review: A Different Reflection

a different reflectionA Different Reflection by Jane L. Gibson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of publisher

This was a total cover crush for me. It’s such a beautiful pink and sparkly cover! It appeals to my very girly side. Plus this is a fairy tale told in modern times… SOLD!

The story is quite beautiful and romantic. It is a very sweet fairy tale that I’m sure all girls would have daydreamed of. It has all the tropes of a love-story x fairy-tales: a bad guy, a curse, a good girl, love, etc. All the characters, especially main protagonists, were easily likeable. All in all, a terrific fluffy-good-feels type of read but unfortunately, not what I was looking for, at the time of my reading it.

It was slow to start though it was fairly easy to get into in terms of language and with easily likeable characters, it wasn’t hard to keep reading. Despite my romantic side, I can’t but help feeling a bit cynical about some things… I couldn’t believe that someone can be as ‘good’ as Kat (yes, okay, she seems to have some issues but is very sensible, wise, and overall, very balanced person; she was too good to be believable –the very epitome of Miss Goody Two-Shoes). The way she speaks also seems a little wrong –I’m really not sure that a ‘normal-modern’ person will speak the way she does. This grated on me a little.

A Different Reflection is just like the cover: a bright, sparkly and sweet fairy tale romance. If you need to switch off your brain for a few hours or some cheering up, I’d highly recommend this book. It’s basically your fairy floss (cotton candy) in fiction.

Thanks to Troubador Publishing Ltd via NetGalley for eARC in exchange of honest review

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Review: Sense & Sensibility

sense & sensibility - joanna trollopeSense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Source: purchased own paperback copy

A retelling of a classic in contemporary setting isn’t usually my cup of tea so I picked this up mostly due to a reading challenge. I seem to do that a lot… picking up “random” books to complete a challenge. There is no other way to describe this book but that it’s pure fluff. Do your brain cells need a break? This one will definitely proof to be a relaxation. You will, however, find it a Requirement to follow up the read by watching the movie.

The thing about retelling is that we know where the story is going so there’s no surprises there. Though being one of a well-loved story, there is still that tiny bit of anticipation of each favourite scenes as they come and the ending, whilst still good isn’t as satisfactory as the original so I always have to go back & re-read. There were some difficulties, I think, in transposing the entailment of inheritance to the male descendant in contemporary times –as Elinor continues to protest that we are no longer in the 19th century. It galls me a little that such prejudices might still prevail but… as you’re reading, keep in mind that this is a retelling and meant only for your light-reading enjoyment. Don’t take it too seriously.

I really could NOT help it that throughout my reading, I was haunted by the images of Emma emma & hughThompson (Elinor) and Hugh Grant (Edward). That was the best adaptation ever (of this book) and far being from annoying, I was loving imagining them in the contemporary setting as per this retelling. As always, considerations are to be made for individual interpretation and artistic licence for characters & their development. I somehow found Marianne and her mother to be a lot more annoying that their originals –I guess I personally just can’t stand those wishy washy (disguised as following your passion) type of people. For me, it’s common sense all the way!


Despite some rough patches, Trollope’s retelling of Sense & Sensibility was the light entertainment I needed at the time. I loathed to put it down and could not stop but continue thinking what should happen next and in what way… An adorable fluff.

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