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The Signal Line by Brendan Colley -a review

The-Signal-Line-cover-for-publicity-600x913The Signal Line by Brendan Colley

Brothers Geo and Wes are testing their relationship now that their parents have passed away. Geo and Wes rarely agree on anything, especially not the sale of the Hobart family home. Geo needs the money to finance his musical career in Italy.  For Wes the house represents the memory of their father, and what it means to live an honest, working life.

But then a ghost train appears in Hobart, often on the tram tracks that once existed, along with the Swedish man who has been pursuing it for 40 years.

Everyone it seems is chasing their dreams.  Or are they running from the truth?

The Signal Line is a warm-hearted, unforgettable novel about what we are all searching for, even when our personal dreams and aspirations have collapsed: love and acceptance.

Published 1 May 2022|  Publisher: Transit Lounge Publishing  |  RRP: AUD$29.99

Buy it at: Dymocks |  Booktopia |  A&R  |  Abbey’s  | QBD

My Blurb (2.5 / 5 stars)

The idea of a ghost train and a ghost-train-hunter is really what tickled my curiosity but this novel is a lot more than that. It’s about dreams and chasing that dream but it’s also about living. I have to admit that I just didn’t quite get the theory / philosophy presented in this novel so I just kept on reading to get to the end.

That is probably the one of the reason that I didn’t quite love it but also because it introduced a lot of angst especially in the conflict between these two brothers. Unfortunately, I also didn’t like these two as characters… even at the end. I did however appreciate the little twist about the ghost-train-hunter.

Overall, I am sad to note that this isn’t quite the novel for me even as I can see the appeal for some other readers.  Please check out other reviews as I see I’m in the minority here.

My thanks to Transit Lounge Publishing for this paperback copy of book in exchange of my honest thoughts

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