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My Reading (or rather somewhat healthy) Week

This past 12 months, my husband has been getting really fit.  He forked out some substantial $$$ on a bicycle and goes on long rides (40-70 kms) with his mates.  He’s got a group of mates whom he work out with 3-4 times a week and he’s been really strict with his food.  As a result, he now weighs less than when we first met 12 years ago with massive arms (errr… muscles?).  A few months ago, in his bid to get me along to one of his fitness thingy, we made a deal that if I’d go regularly (once a week) to cross training, he would READ!  Ooh, there was NO way that I was going to turn that deal down.  Unfortunately, while I’ve missed only 1 day in the last 4 months, he’s only read a few pages 😦  I’ll need to remind him more often 😉

In addition to this cross training business -in the first 1-2 months, I was absolutely sore afterwards that I couldn’t wear any heels for the 3 days after training, I now seem to be getting on challenges upon challenges.  I completed the Squat Challenge a few weeks ago (it’s a killer!) and now I’m on Day 11 of the Plank Challenge.  Am really not sure if I’d make the 5 minutes straight plank on Day 30 -that sounds like a crazy loooooong time to plank.

Squat Challenge  Plank Challenge

For the past week and a half, I’ve been getting up early for a 15 min jog on the treadmill whilst eating quite healthily and giving up coffee.  I missed a couple of days here and there (made a point not to miss it more than 1 day at a time) but I noticed that these 2 days I didn’t jog, I felt so tired which meant that I struggled through the day.  So it seems that I’ve replaced my coffee addition with endorphins!  Nevertheless, I’m feeling FAB!  This is going to truly be a lifestyle change; since I’m up early, I’ll have to make sure that I sleep pretty early and this limits, severely, my reading and blogging time 😦 I’m approaching mid-thirties fast though so am really doing this for long-term health or at least, that’s my aim (not sure how I’ll deal with all the Christmas goodies).

On my 7th day of no coffee, I decided to reward myself by going onto NetGalley and chose a couple of ‘Read Now’ titles (isn’t that the best way to spoil yourself? New books for your reader without spending a cent!):

defy  almost girl

Am very excited it’s the 1st of December!  We’ve put our tree up this evening and I’m starting Game of Thrones. Woot, aiming for 30% per week for next 3 weeks so other books, unfortunately, will be fitted in between when (IF) I need a break 😉  sssh, I’m still trying to finish a couple of books I was supposed to read last 2 weeks, oops!

First Dec

What did you get up to this past week?  Have you put your Christmas Tree up yet?

My Reading Week

This week I decided that I wanted to do another detox thingy though not as strict as I did it 3 months ago. One of the consequence is that this is day 4 of NO COFFEE *GASP*  yep, I’m waiting for that withdrawal headache to hit.  I’m giving it 3 more days before I will be incapacitated (I’d probably need some panadol then).  Day 1, I was totally gung-ho, no coffee, lots of veggies, and as little sugar as possible.  Day 2, after having woken up super early for no reason at all…


Sooo…. I spoiled myself this week, latest residents being:

On the Netgalley front, I’ve been behaving myself.  I’ve not requested any this week (a little sad about it but I really have to catch up first) and I’ve somewhat caught up with half of my reviews which means that my stats are back up, woo hoo!!  Nonetheless, there is one Netgalley title I received an invite for (blog tour in January) and it’s… *drum rolls*

King Cave (Forever Evermore #2) by Scarlett Dawn

I’m soooo excited about this title!!!  A Paranormal new adult kick-ass heroine and super bad hottie vamp 😉  Interested?  The first book, King Hall, is currently back on Netgalley, so GO REQUEST!

On the actual reading front, I managed to finish off the 2 romances I meant to read so this week (on the lead up to 1 Dec), I’m going to try to finish the following 3 titles (2 of which I’ve started this weekend):

allegiantbook fiery shame dark magic kingcavebook king hall curse keepers   deliverance infamy