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Review: The Weight of Souls

soulsThe Weight of Souls by Bryony Pearce
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Source: ecopy courtesy of Strange Chemistry via NetGalley

One of my favourite moments in life is when I’ve just read a book that exceeded my expectation. A book that is so engaging, that absorbed all your attention, that totally ruin everything else in the day for you, and that you can barely put down. Even better is a book you can devour in the one sitting. The Weight of Souls is one of those books for me. It was so easy to read with engaging characters and a pretty suspenseful plot; I was immediately immersed in the book and did not think of anything else for the day (fingers crossed that I didn’t do any major mistakes at work!).

What originally attracted me to this book is the ghost idea. I am Chinese in descent and they’re pretty superstitious especially when it comes to ghosts. Despite my being westernised, ghosts are just one of things that I cannot un-believe. Though personally I’ve never come across one nor do I want to and am pretty sceptical if someone said that they have come across one, I believe in the idea and ghosts in fiction would usually say to me, “Read Me!”

Interestingly, Taylor Oh is a halfie (ie. her mother is Chinese but her father is not) and it is through her mother that she has inherited this familial curse of seeing ghosts of murdered victims which usually comes with the obligation of avenging their murders. She was 10 when she saw her first ghost and from then on, her life has gone on a downward slide especially since she’s been unable to confide in her friends of what she’s seeing or doing. Not only that, she’s also been bullied at school. Life as a teenager is hard already without the extra burden (curse) that Taylor has to carry but then one of her bullies died and she’s the only who can see him. She felt forced to help him especially since her life is at risk from the Mark she carries but who murdered him and why? Will she be able to work together with him to solve this mystery?

I really liked the dynamic of relationships in this book, between Taylor and her dad, Taylor and Justin, Taylor and Hannah and Pete, etc. Each of them different and each revealed parts of Taylor: her loneliness, her strength, her loving nature, etc. There were also snippets of the origin of the curse which was told from Taylor’s memory of her mother’s voice which was really sweet and I really enjoyed this ‘ancient story’. As with all ghosts story, it’s always interesting to find out how the author would spin the romantic side of the story and I’ve to say that it was pretty sweet 

This story will string you along so be prepared to read it in one sitting. I loved the suspense, the “historical background”, the character interactions, the supernatural idea, and of course, the romance. I’m hoping with the way the book is ended that there will be an awesome sequel.

Thank you, Strange Chemistry via NetGalley for ecopy of book in exchange of honest review

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