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My Reading Week

OY!  Cross fit started up today and boy, will I be so VERY sore tomorrow!  One thing for sure, tonight I will be sleeping the sleep of the just as nothing whatsoever will wake me up. 😀  We’ve had 2-3 weeks off and whilst I kept the bare minimum work out (short & slow jog plus minimal push ups / crunches / plank -all done within 20 mins) up over the Christmas break, it was still tough! The instructor had even kept it somewhat light, urgh!

I also found this great & short crossfit workout on Pinterest the other day that I want to share with you.  I think I’ll be doing this alternately with my jog.  I tried it yesterday morning and could bare make it through the mountain climbers 😦  Let me know if you’re game to try this one too 😉

On the reading front, it was absolutely atrocious during the 2 weeks Christmas period.  I tried to relax to read but couldn’t settle down with about 6 books that I tried to read.  Thankfully, that seems to be over as I’m enjoying a couple books I’m  reading now.  There are a couple of reading habits I’d like to adopt this year (yes! More Bookish Resolutions!):

  1. Read one classic a month (this will definitely help with my classic project
  2. Read one book in Bahasa Indonesia a month –this was my native language and I’ve not read one in 15 years (?) that I found I was struggling when I tried to read one late last year so I’m determined not to lose this skill by reading as much as I can.  If anyone knows how I can get these books digitally, I’d be pleased to know 🙂

Currently reading:

What I’ll be trying to fit in this week:

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