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Review: Black Feathers

Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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A cryptic and sinister prologue set the tone and atmosphere of this novel. The world is a bleak place and yet, there is still some sort of hope… Well, it might be hope or it might be something else…

The scene opens in a cold and dark snow stormy world. The event, however, is actually a beautiful earthy and hopeful one. A birth of a child. A birth surrounded by many signs pointing of the boy’s destiny. Gordon Black, through whom, the story will be revealed to the world.

In a different sort of world, a young girl was running –fleeing from something that terrifies her. A consultation with The Keeper brought to light that she has been marked for something great. The path to greatness will be hard and Megan Maurice must find the strength to face it for the world may depend upon her realising her destiny.

I do so like the premise of this book. This dark apocalyptic world (pre and post) of the earth, after taking so much abusive use, fighting to restore its wellbeing. Whilst this does not bode well for the people, yet there is a glimpse of hope. The Crowman, though no one knew who he is exactly, who could be good but also evil. It is a mystery but one that is important for the survival of humans. D’Lacey has woven a dark broken world with little rays of hope.

By the ending of the book, though, I still felt that I’ve gone nowhere further than the beginning. That’s my only complaint, it’s too slow.
It feels like I’ve only read the beginning of the tale. I know it’s only book 1 but I would prefer a chunky book with a solid conclusion (even if it’s a cliffhanger) rather than an average book which leaves me nowhere at all.

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