Review: Firewalker

Firewalker by Josephine Angelini
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There was something about this trilogy that disturbed me and I wasn’t quite sure what it was… I started reading this book, Firewalker (book 2 of the Worldwalker trilogy), with some anxiety that I might end up hating it or myself. Now that I’ve finished it, I think it better than Trial By Fire (book 1) and I’ve figured out the reason why this trilogy has made me so anxious!

Firewalker picked up exactly from where Trial By fire left off. I was excited to see both Rowan and Lily in a different world/setting. But what I find I was actually excited about was to see Tristan again… With Rowan along though, this was going to be a rocky trip read. Despite all the angst, Josephine Angelini really has succeed in making this not to be as painful as I usually find love triangles and I actually finished reading this book & looking forward to the finale! If you are like me about love triangles (which is one reason my I could not get into Throne of Glass, ssshhhh), look out for my review on book 3, Witch’s Pyre and I’ll let you know whether you should or should not get into this trilogy.

At the end of my review for book 1, Trial By Fire, I mentioned that I was very curious about Lillian’s motivation. It is still Lily’s book (her perspective only) but we were given glimpses of what Lillian has gone through to make her what she is now. With the violence that was hinted at the beginning, I was terrified of what it’ll be when revealed as I can’t stand violence against women in books. But, it wasn’t at all what I thought and I’m utterly grateful for it. It was a horrible decision she’s had to make but I was too grateful to be proven wrong to feel the wrongness of it.

I am still just as annoyed with Lily though the path she pursued in the later part of this book is very interesting and I’m very curious what book 3 will bring. After the relief of Lillian’s secret, I was still rooting for not-the-right-guy AND I was absolutely gutted at the end of this book. I am hoping against all hope that it’ll turn out differently in the finale but I know my hope won’t come true. I’ll see you all on the other side!

Many thanks to Pan MacMillan Australia; I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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