Review: Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire
Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I always like the idea of alternate and/or parallel worlds though I’m not particularly keen on the idea of alter-egos. I guess I’m selfish that way –there’s only ONE of me in this whole universe! Lillian/Lily actually met and clashed in this story. I can understand not liking my alter ego (back to above point) but I found it strange that 1 person can be so different in perspectives or points of actions?

Trial by Fire is mostly told from Lily’s perspective except for some glimpses of other characters’ actions for the readers’ understanding. Unfortunately, I don’t like Lily! I don’t hate her but I found her frustrating a lot of the time. On another note, I found this alternate world very interesting, the dual existence of magic & science, the magical evil creatures, and just the overall brokenness. However, I’m not quite convinced on the magic/science thing or maybe I’m just confused; too much magic, not enough science.

The minor characters are actually of more interest to me than the main characters! I find myself wishing for Lillian’s perspective (though that may actually destroy the mystery which is probably not due to be revealed until later on in the trilogy). Rowan-Lily isn’t giving me the feels either. In fact, I really like Tristan despite his poor-boyfriend-quality but here’s to hoping he’ll improve!

Overall, the world building kept me reading and I am very curious about Lillian’s motivation as this whole thing is based on it. The ending of this first book also intrigues me and I will be picking up book 2, Firewalker , soon.

Many thanks to Pan MacMillan Australia; I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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