Review: Sideshow

Sideshow by Nicole Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Of course, it was a reading challenge that got me to search for a particular sort of books at the library that landed me this book! And what an amusing read… totally unexpected despite the GR description of hilarious and rollicking. There aren’t many books that actually make me laugh (even if they’re shelved under humour) but this one did. Of course, I tried to contain as much as I could whilst reading on the commute which leads me to an apology to my fellow commuters who noticed my ugly contorted face & shaking body as I tried to hold back laughter; I swear I’m not certifiably insane.

As with all funnies, I do think that most times, there is something really sad behind it all. That was the feeling I got at the start of this little novel and each time, she put on or remove her stage make up. However, she was always very quick in pushing it to the back of her mind and got busy in the pleasures of life. Oh, the shenanigans they got up to!

The hilarity stems mostly from the characters. I think if I just read an extract of what I thought was funny in the book, without knowing the characters or the book, I wouldn’t think it funny at all. Interestingly, most of the characters were “un-named”, rather they were known by their Royal Stage Names: The Prince, The Duke, The Duchess, The Lady, The Courtesan (our main character whose perspective we enjoyed) Or their role in the troupe except… for one guy… or two…

Right now, I’m wondering whether I’d still find it as hilarious if I re-read it. Yes, I am considering a reread because it was so much fun!

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