Review: The Twisted Knot

The Twisted Knot
The Twisted Knot by J.M. Peace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think I’m still on a high from A Time to Run which was such an amazing thriller. I knew book 2, The Twisted Knot won’t be in the same boat because really, she cannot be a victim year after year! However, this was still a very good read in a somewhat different way. It’s still a mystery/crime book but Sammi Willis is now a Constable doing the investigation rather than a victim on the run.

I love the Australian flavour of this novel; set in a small town in the state of sunny Queensland. You would’ve thought a small town to be a safe place for everyone and for the children to run free but the reality is, it’s not that safe anywhere. In Angel’s Crossing, a devastating secret is about to be unearthed and the public is demanding justice to be served. The police aren’t able to act on baseless rumours though and as the people are getting restless, they cannot just sit on the by-lines. Nevertheless, it seems justice will be served one way or another.

The ending was fascinating especially noting the author, J.M. Peace is currently serving as a police officer. Despite this fact, however, she is also a natural person and a mother with her own private views. We have to appreciate the fact that police officers may have different personal views but are there to enforce and uphold the laws which sometimes fail the public.

I’d recommend this book to all crime/mystery lovers. The author definitely knows this world professionally and have brought it, realistically, into fiction for readers to enjoy. I’d love to see what Sammi will get up to in the next book!

If you’ve interested, you can find an extract for chapter 1, here.

Thanks to Macmillan Australia for copy of book in exchange of honest review

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