Review: Black Rock White City

Black Rock White City
Black Rock White City by A.S. Patric
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fascinating Mystery.

Mesmerising Prose.

Admirable characters; flawed & broken but they are Survivors! Things that happened to them could easily break a person (and a relationship) but though they have been changed and hardened & life continues to flow around and through them, the future dim, they are alive and have hung on to each other, for better for worse.

A comment on the cover which I thought were a close-up shot of a beautiful white flower but which according to the note inside the book is Furious Angels by Smitty B from the series “Failing the Rorschach Test” and made me think, what does this say about me? In any case, it was just an interesting point to me… What do YOU think of the cover?

Note to self: never judge a person by their jobs!

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