Review: Weighing Shadows

Weighing Shadows
Weighing Shadows by Lisa Goldstein
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Weighing Shadows has a very interesting premise: time travel (I love time travel!) and exploring matriarchal societies / ancient civilizations. I usually lean towards Egypt and haven’t read many in ancient Greece settings however time travel! That alone would usually convince me 😉

Ann Decker is a smart woman but she tries to keep herself as ‘invisible’ as she possibly could as her past experiences have taught her it’s better to keep yourself to yourself. She was flattered when she was head-hunted and then, was too curious to keep to her philosophy of life. Even as she was lured by the temptation of time travelling, Ann soon realised that all was not as it seemed. The matriarchal societies she’s seen was peaceful and prosperous but yet her company seems to seek toppling this hierarchy though she was not explicitly told the purposes of her missions. Each time Ann returned to her own time, she found it changed but not for the better… Ann resolved to investigate the company’s true purpose and fix her world to as she knew it to be.

Interesting theme of the world’s wellbeing shrouded in a curious way by time travel, a different perspective of civilisation and secret societies. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting this particular theme at all and I’m not actually quite sure whether to laugh or to be concerned. I do, of course, have an interest in the world’s environment however I do think this was a bit of a strange sort of twist.

Whilst I have enjoyed the time travel factor and the mystery surrounding the company, I was not particularly enamoured of the main character nor of the ending’s resolution. I wished there were more exploration of the ancient civilisations and more in-depth development of those characters there (they sounded to be much more interesting than the MC). Overall, not a favourite time travel novel but I’ve become interested enough in the author to check out her other works. If you know her well, please let me know which one to look out for 🙂

Thanks Night Shade Books for eARC via Edelweiss in exchange of honest review

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