Review: Dark Corners

dark corners

Dark Corners by Ruth Rendell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Source: paperback copy courtesy of publisher

I had to ponder over my hesitation about reading psychological thrillers and the answer lies within the real possibility of these things happening to me! As crazy as things sometimes may seem, there is just that tiny little statistics of probability that it could happen to me, to my neighbour, to my colleague, or anyone who you think are quite ordinary.

In Dark Corners, a fairly ordinary guy, Carl Martin, inherited his father’s house along with everything in it. He was too lazy to clear things out and ended up, accidentally, causing a friend to die. Unfortunately, he has a tenant who begun to blackmail him but he didn’t just stop there. Things continued to escalate with such speed to a climax that you just knew was really unavoidable…

It was so hard to stand on the sideline for this one. I felt bad for Carl, I can understand his laziness and his fears though at the same time, frustrated at his cowardice. And then, I can’t help but cheer him on despite the wrongness of it all! But when push comes to shove, people will snap and not always in the best of ways. And this is exactly what I fear… if such a thing was to happen to me, I’m afraid of doing the wrong thing!

There also wasn’t a particular character I liked. There were the ordinary characters that were just that and there were the crazies whom I just don’t understand! The story is told from multiple perspectives and sometimes, I wonder why this is. There were just little bits from a few perspectives which were relevant to the main plot and everything else I found were tangential to the whole story and inconsequential to my interest in both story and character. I actually wanted to know Carl’s girlfriend’s thoughts but her perspective is not part of the story 😦

Overall, Dark Corners carry a fascinating and a very possible life scenario/s. It explores the darkest corners of our minds and just what we are capable of. Whilst I didn’t particularly love it, it was still a thrilling read and the suspense was built cleverly right up to the end when we witnessed Carl acting upon his latest decision.

Thanks to Hutchinson / Penguin Australia for paperback copy in exchange of honest review

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