Review: The Slap

The Slap
The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Honestly, the whole premise of this novel (a man slapping someone else’s child) makes me cringe. That’s only the beginning though… there is a lot more to this slap than just the act of violence against a child. The Slap is deeply set in multicultural Australia and I find it to be that it proclaimed the clashes (in this novel anyway) across cultures, race, age, socio-economic etc. I knew this slap happened quite near the beginning but yet, I was still shocked when it happened that I almost missed my station (got off just as the door was closing!).

There are 8 perspectives in this novel, one section per perspective, but time does not stand still. Time continue to flows so as readers we continue to follow on the consequences of the slap at different levels. Each characters also have their own unique concerns but the disadvantage is then we don’t get to hear from characters of earlier chapters on their thoughts of others’ concerns.

The Slap was a very engaging and very naked read. I find that I disliked most of the characters but two (of the shortest chapters) and I reckon that’s due to all the layers being peeled off… the best and the ugliest parts are both revealed to the readers’ eyes. So, whilst I enjoyed being embroiled vicariously in this Aussie drama, it was such a relief to have it over with… back to my rather ‘normal’ and boring life 🙂

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