Review: Lexicon

Lexicon by Max Barry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The novel opens with Will Parke’s not-so-conscious thoughts as someone was about to stick a needle in his eye. Straightaway, the pace of the novel is established as unrelentingly thrilling and packed full of action. There were car chases. There were sinister guys dressed in black armours. There were numerous cold-blooded shootings. And of course, the mystery behind it all… even Will did not know the reason anybody wants him. What’s so special about a carpenter?

The alternate perspective is Emily Ruff… a girl who just trying to survive living on the street when she fell into a secret poet society. She’s not someone who’d think or do as told though so her independent nature and spunkiness singled her out as trouble. Just how much trouble…?

Lexicon is about the power of words and the temptation power has to those to hold it. It’s also about the power of love. A very engaging novel with fun bursts of action and interesting theory on words / power / magic.

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