Review: She’s Not There

She's Not There
She’s Not There by P.J. Parrish
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For some reason, amnesia is a favourite trope of mine. I just love to read about people who suffered memory loss and the process in recovering them. I also have a preference that it be in a romance novel type of setting so I’m not quite sure exactly why I chose to read this book… I think I’m not made for psychological thriller. It’s just too exciting for my poor heart!

The novel began with a dream just prior to Amelia’s awakening. At first, she can’t remember a thing about herself though slowly she regained her name and her fear… of who or what, she doesn’t know but she must follow her instinct to fly. At first, she stumbled around confused and helpless but after a few helpful nudges, she seems to find her feet and become cunning in her bid to stay missing. Amelia is an admirable character; she’s a fighter and she learns fast.

There were a few other perspectives within this novel from the other side of the chase. Readers were given some insights to Amelia’s previous life and the effort in finding her. There were two main perspectives: her husband and the skip tracer hired to find her. Two very broken men of mysterious reasons! They sounded very human; men who faced challenges and failed, who have been unable, for one reason or another, to reach out to their wives to support them, men who hankered after another chance…

She’s Not There is a fast-paced thriller inundated by gritty characters who could just break your heart. The game of hide and seek nearly scared the pants off of me. The mystery had me sitting on the edge of seat. There were many twists and turns that had me gasping in surprise. I felt weak and utterly exhausted at the end –glad for the exciting read but also that it’s over!

Thanks Thomas & Mercer for eARC via NetGalley in exchange of honest review

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