Review: The Unremembered

unrememberedThe Unremembered by Peter Orullian
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of publisher via NetGalley

It has been quite a while since I immersed myself in epic fantasy when once upon a time, it was all I’d read. The cover looks fantastic and the blurb sounds like it could just be a story I’d like. I was excited to start reading and, at the same time, anxious because I really wanted to love this read. The Unremembered was a journey full of choices, self-discovery, and magic.’

The story began well enough with a little story on the eve of the new world beginning then an event to indicate an unravelling of this new world. It was tragic. It was full of sorrow. And these reeled me in… to find out how the world is falling apart and what new threat it is now facing which will utterly destroy humanity.

I found that I struggled a little bit with all the jargons… my eARC didn’t seem to come with a glossary so I’m not sure if there is one. However, as I got used to this new-found world, I became invested in its wellbeing, in these characters as they strive to save their world. I’ve joined in their quest, vicariously, to protect humanity; rejoiced at their triumphs and dismayed at their setbacks.

This reminds me, somewhat, of David Drake’s Lord of the Isles or Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: a young man leaving the little village, his best friend and sister came along too, and then no one turns out to be whoever they were supposed to be. I’m not that widely read in fantasy so am not sure whether this is a typical trope?

The Unremembered is a dark fantasy novel with magic that drains you of life, terrifying creatures with no conscience, and of many broken promises. Yet, in the midst of this darkness, a tiny spark of hope… This world is complex and richly layered, the characters weren’t unique but with a good plot and unexpected twists, this turned out to be an enjoyable read.

Thanks to Tor Books via NetGalley for copy of eARC in exchange of honest review

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