Review: The Gracekeepers

The Gracekeepers
The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Gracekeepers, with a beautiful cover accompanied by a promising blurb (including the mention of a circus!!), just begs to be read. It tells of a wretched world where the people fights for daily survival and seeks the right to live peacefully, to love and be loved.
There is an air of mystery throughout the whole book. A mystery of how the world became such a sad place. A mystery of why Callanish chose to become a Gracekeeper. A mystery of what was in North’s past and how she comes to her current condition. A mystery of what the world is coming to and how people will survive. The Gracekeepers is a very curious book which requires a lot of reading between the lines.

Both North and Callanish have learnt to be independent –in order to survive this hard world of theirs, they needed to be strong and cunning. Their backgrounds are worlds apart and yet, in their choices of isolation, they found a common bond. And through this bond, a hope for survival… a hope for a better life… a better world…

The Gracekeepers has been woven in a beautiful lyrical prose despite the miserable conditions. It was a pleasant read though mainly just to enjoy the words and how they were linked together in a way that is lovely as they come off the page. You will need to set aside certain expectations (like action or romance) and pick this up just to enjoy the ride read.

Thanks to Crown (via Edelweiss) for copy of eARC in exchange of honest review

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