Review: The Girl in the Photograph

the girl in the photographThe Girl in the Photograph by Kate Riordan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of publisher via NetGalley

Right from the get go, the atmosphere is set –somber in tone, with the feeling that something awful is about to happen. This feeling practically haunted me throughout the reads. I didn’t like this feeling but at the same time, I did! I never like reading something where I knew something bad, really bad, is going to happen. I’m one of those who like getting the bad stuff done first thing so it was a bit of a torture and yet… it kept me guessing and that’s what pulled me through the whole of this novel.

The story is told from 2 perspectives: Alice in the 1930’s and Elizabeth in the 1890’s. At the beginning, I was very concerned about Alice; her naivety and innocence were pointers for something ‘bad’ to happen. It’s not that bad by today’s standard but back then, absolutely shameful. Her journey from then on only serves to make her stronger and I delight in her journey to maturity though sad that she was still trapped in her circumstance.

With Elizabeth, I sensed straightaway that something was off with her. She was up and down and was never herself. Something has gone terribly wrong in her world and with the doom & gloom that was so far foretold from Alice’s point of view, I feared for Elizabeth. In the end, this is one very sad story… one that is only recently being brought to society’s awareness as being a very real medical concern yet still is a stigma to some women.

The Girl in the Photograph is a haunting tale of 2 women separated by the ages yet each found trapped by society’s dictates in different yet similar ways. It is a tale full of heartache yet from the barren outlook, there is a shoot of courage and in the end, hope. If you are a fan of Kate Morton, I would highly recommend this book to you & watch this space, Kate Riordan may just be your new favourite author!

Thanks to Penguin Books Australia via NetGalley for copy of eARC

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