Review: Captive

captiveCaptive by Aimee Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: paperback copy courtesy of publisher

Note: this review is in relation to book 2 of The Blackcoat Rebellion and may contain spoilers to book 1, Pawn (my review of Pawn)

I read Pawn not too long ago so this story is still quite fresh in my mind and I was quite excited to see Captive being released. Whilst Pawn did not end in a cliffhanger (like whether someone died or not), there is that suspense of the upcoming ado. I was really looking forward to Captive.

Kitty Doe is not a character I like… much… Whilst I cannot fault her moral standing, her ‘do first, think later’ attitude is really annoying. Hence, I found her even more frustrating in Captive. She resolved one thing but then her impulsiveness decided something else for her and the consequences sometimes surprised her (*eye rolls*).

And just to be more complicated, there are many more new characters this time around… in a different setting. I enjoyed this new setting even though again, it’s a little hard to develop characters well. I’m finding characters to be quite slippery and undependable –this, however, could be due to the crazy plot.

Pawn had lots of twisty turns but Captive’s plot is a whirlwind of unsuspected turns where we were picked up, turned back to front, was set back down only to be swooped up and turned upside down –non-stop. I think, though, part of this is due to Kitty’s frustrating character that sometimes, I really wanted to shake her but… it made a pretty exciting book.

This might be the only annoying fictional character that I’m willing to keep up with because I am really looking forward to book 3! I hope it will be just as jam-packed as the first 2 instalments.

Thanks, Harlequin Books Australia for copy of paperback

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