Review: The Alexandria Connection

alexandriaThe Alexandria Connection by Adrian d’Hagé

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of publisher

I had my doubts about reading this –mostly because it seems to be a part of a series though that’s not clear on Goodreads. I think The Alexandria Connection is the third book of Curtis O’Connor (main character); CIA Agent. However, being persuaded that picking it up out of order will not make much difference, I did and it was a pretty good read.

I loved a thriller involving ancient artefacts –who doesn’t love Indiana Jones!? so it wasn’t hard to convince me to pick up this read; especially noting the Egyptian connection! I love anything with Ancient Egypt! Regrettably, the book is fairly different to my expectation. It was more espionage thriller with a bit of an archaeology spin (I expected it to be the other way around). I loved Ludlum’s Bourne but just couldn’t get into Clancy’s thrillers. I just couldn’t get into the espionage / terrorism part of this book, especially when it involves politics.

The history spiel was interesting though I found it barely scratched the surface. I don’t know whether it’s meant to be followed on with the next instalment but it seems that certain things are referred to but aren’t developed enough. The thriller part of the book, however, didn’t really have to do with the archaeology side of things so it appears it was really only as an addition to what’s really the main event of the book. It seems a little disjointed to me and somewhat unfinished.

It was, overall, a pretty average read for me noting that it didn’t quite meet my expectation and I floundered quite a bit through the reading. I also think that not having that initial connection with Curtis O’Connor from earlier books wasn’t helpful. It might make a better read, if you had a more relevant expectation and have that initial relationship with the main characters.

Thanks, Penguin Books Australia for eARC via NetGalley

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