Giveaway: 1 AM ticket to Sydney Author Event

I bought my ticket to this event the very first time they went on sale so that was a very long time ago… even before I knew I was preggers!  I was planning to show up with bub (7 weeks!) but… hubz managed to break his collarbone last weekend and as he can’t do anything for himself, I really can’t, in good conscience abandon him.  I really think it’s a bit of a drastic measure to get out of changing nappies, don’t you think?!?

In any case, since I can’t go, I’d give away my ticket to anyone who’s interested.  Please note this event is this coming Saturday, 29th November 2014.  So this is a bit of a late giveaway but as I said, I was planning to go ’til hubby got all banged up!  If you haven’t heard of this event, go to Sydney Author Event for more details.

So, the first person to either email me at tiensblurb@gmail com OR DM me on Twitter (@ktienh) their name & email address will receive this ticket.  And I hope you love it!

Am really sad that I can’t make it anymore 😦 😥


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