Q&A with Steve Worland + Giveaway

worland'I’d like to welcome Steve Worland once more to my humble blog.  It’s been real fun reading all his books to date and a privilege noting that I’m supporting a local Sydney author (woot!)

Steve has also kindly offered 1 signed copy of his most recent release, Quick, to a lucky reader. Thanks, Steve!

5 things we need to know about Formula 1.

1.) It’s the most watched sport in the world, after the Olympics and World Cup soccer.

2.) A mid field team can spend the better part of 100 million US dollars per year and still not win a race. Or even finish in the top three.

3.) Toyota spent US$445 in 2008 and didn’t win a race.

4.) Once a Formula 1 car is traveling over 160 km/h it can generate enough downforce to equal its own weight, which means it can hold itself to the ceiling of a tunnel and drive upside down.

5.) In the dry an F1 tyre reaches peak operating performance when the rubber tread temperature is between 900C and 1200C. That is very hot.

Do you feel the ‘need for speed’?  What car do you drive or what is your dream car?

1967-Ford-Mustang-Eleanor-393-Stroker-V8-6-SpeedI do. I love to drive. I find it very relaxing. I drive a Hyundai Veloster turbo. My dream car would be a 1967 Mustang Eleanor or a 1969 Corvette Convertible. I love old American muscle cars though they are agricultural gas guzzlers and not particularly practical for the school run with your daughter’s cello in the back!

How much research you did you do about the races or racing?  Did you go on a ‘racing experience’ to get the real feel behind it?

F1 and V8 Supercars are ‘my sport’, so to speak, so I follow them very closely and have done my whole life. That was my research. I have been to the Bathurst 1000 and The Formula 1 in Melbourne and watched them live, though I prefer to watch them on TV as I like to know exactly what’s going on at every moment. The Autosport website is my home page.


How did the inspiration for ‘Quick’ came about?

I just wondered about what would it be like if Craig Lowndes became James Bond. I was taken by the idea that many top draw professional race drivers like Lowndes (who drives in the Australian V8 Supecar series) have astonishing athletic and analytical skills on the track so it would be interesting to send them uncover to use those abilities to solve a crime in the world of motorsport. And of course the most interesting motorsport series in the world is Formula One, which I thought would be a perfect place to set a crime story that had an international scope.

Your Main Casting for ‘Quick’.

Well for the Aussie Billy Hotchkiss anyone from Eric Bana, a well know rev head, to Sam Worthington to Hugh Jackman to one of the Hemsworths. There’s a such a great selection of Aussie leading men at the moment that any one of them would be great.

For Claude the Frenchman I’m thinking Jean Reno, Vincent Cassell or a slimmed down Gerard Depardieu would work nicely!

As for Swiss driver and Billy’s love interest Franka I’m thinking anyone from Eva Green from ‘Casino Royale’ to Franka Potente from ‘Run Lola Run’.

What’s your next project?

Next up is the release of a family movie I co-wrote called ‘Paper Planes’, which stars Sam Worthington, and will be out on January 15 Australia wide. Also on the same day the novel I wrote based on the movie will be published. Then next September ‘War Birds’, my forth action adventure novel, will be out in time for Father’s Day.

Giveaway (international)

quickFor a signed copy of Quick, enter by Rafflecopter. Before you go, though, one of the optional entry is for you to leave a comment on either naming one of Steve’s previous books or your dream car.  If you’re interested in my thoughts on Quick, check out my review.

4 thoughts on “Q&A with Steve Worland + Giveaway

  1. Steve Worland

    Thanks Tien!

    Can I ask you to fix 3 of my typos?

    US dollars instead of dollar

    Toyota spent instead of spend

    Paper Planes instead of Plans.

    Cheers and thanks!


    Sent from an iPhone ___________________________ Connect with me @: http://www.steveworland.com twitter.com/StevenWorland facebook.com/StevenWorland


  2. Amanda

    My dream car has always been Delorean from Back to the future, time travel is very appealing! One of Steve Worland’s previous book title’s was Combustion 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway.


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