Review: King Tomb

KingTomb_FinalKing Tomb by Scarlett Dawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of publisher

After all the tears that were wrung out of me by King Cave, I expected to be just as squeezed by King Tomb. All the feels I expected, I didn’t get, but I did get a whole lot of other feels. King Tomb is a must read for those with interest invested in Lily and Ezra. After the way King Cave ended, there was no way that you wouldn’t want to read King Tomb.

The beginning was somewhat heart rending what with the separation of the four Kings and Queens. With the raging war against the Coms and the mind wipes, they developed hard cold shells to protect themselves against further hurt. It was a little hard to read these characters you love who became different people though there were plenty good reasons for this development. Nevertheless, the story drew you in and kept pulling you on a magical ride.

The chemistry between Lily and Ezra are amazing. I love reading of them getting to know each other once more and negotiating on how their relationship will work. That’s what I really enjoy about romances, the teasing, not only between the love interests but between the author and readers too. This series is one of those that you definitely have to read in order because you’d only appreciate this book if you already love the characters and the world.

There were a few things that I wasn’t quite happy with; the accidental hurts, the lack of presence of the visoacs and Jack & Pearl, and most of all, the rushed ending. I think there were a few things the story could do without to make for a better flow towards the end. Overall, I still really like this book, if only that it gave me a few hours of being with Lily and Ezra.

Thank you, Escape Publishing, for copy of eARC via NetGalley

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