G’day & Apologies

Aaah…I’ve been feeling so bad about neglecting the blog though some of you would know the reason by now.  That first trimester which caught me by surprise and I was just too sick & too tired Fourto read, much less trying to maintain this blog.  Well, since I wasn’t reading, I really couldn’t post any book reviews, now, could I?

I was still carting books & ereader around for that slight chance that I wanted & could read but I usually only manage 1 or 2 chapters before the nausea overrode the desire to read 😦 😦  Nevertheless, I was counting my lucky stars that this time around (2nd pregnancy) I wasn’t vomiting very much.  I’m well into my second trimester now and when I went back onto GoodReads, I was greeted by a very sad sight…

Not reading

The last review book, Terms & Conditions, I read prior to being really sick, I haven’t reviewed 😦 (My apologies to Bloomsbury Publishing) Song of Susannah was an audiobook to which I’d probably fallen asleep to more often than actually listening to, oops! Then you could see a whole month’s gap before which I finished an audiobook of The Raven Boys which I totally enjoyed (very quirky characters that makes very interesting dynamics). Another month’s gap before I started to read at a more regular pace which brings us to the current month.  To sum up, I basically did NOT “read” for 2.5 months *GASPS*

That does mean that there were a few NetGalleys titles which expired (my apologies to Random House, Harlequin Books, Hachette Books & Harper Collins YA) but I’ve kept a list to which I will slowly work through this year, I hope.  I’ve bought the first one and it’s on its way to me, woot!

I managed a few fun things this month too… starting with finally seeing Divergent! Yes, pretty much in the final week but my excuse was that I was just feeling better then :p Can’t wait to see it again in blu-ray! Oh btw, it’s a boy, and am trying to get hubby to agree to call him “Four” 😉  Then a pre-screening of The Fault in Our Stars, thanks to Penguin Teen Australia.  Can I just say, oh, wow -I cry quite easily in movies and I expected to be a whole lot worse (what’s with being pregnant & hormonal and all…) but I think there were those more deeply affected than me!  How could that even be possible?!  Those loud sobs were totally heartbreaking!

The Sydney Writers Festival was on last week. I was a tad sad that I couldn’t volunteer this year, thanks to bub, but I managed to drag my bookclub for a session which just happened to fit in with our theme of adaptations this year.  The talk we went to was titled, “Once Upon A Time”, with Kate Forsyth, Tony Birch, Vikram Chandra, and Cornelia Funke on the panel.  We were suitably impressed that the session weren’t overly intellectual and were very engaging.  The last thing that Vikram Chandra said, prior to session being closed & in response to a question on advice for aspiring writers, is truly stuck in my head (even though I don’t share this aspiration at all). He said;

Read everything that give you pleasure; and

Write what hurts

I hope all of you is doing well and I look forward to caching up with you & your blogs in the coming months! xox


8 thoughts on “G’day & Apologies

  1. Nish

    Congratulations! I’m impressed that you got so much done in spite of being sick.

    All the best with the rest of your pregnancy journey 🙂

    1. Tien Post author

      lol -didn’t get anything done, Nish, ha ha ha, only just recently when I’m feeling better 🙂

      & thanks!

    2. Tien Post author

      btw, loving the new look of your blog!

      Though for some reason, I still can’t find the comment box… ~definitely something wrong on my end.

  2. Steve Worland

    Sorry hear you haven’t been feeling well but happy to know you’re now on the upswing.


    Steve _________________ Connect with Steve @: steveworland.com twitter.com/StevenWorland facebook.com/StevenWorland goodreads.com/SteveWorland amazon.com/author/steveworland

  3. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    A boy! How lovely:) Im glad you are feeling better, I had all day sickness from 6 weeks to 36 weeks with all four of my kids and wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Take care and read when you can 🙂


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