My Reading Week

It’s been another quiet week for me and due to the circumstance, it’s likely to be so for the next month too.  All I’m doing these days are go to work, come home, have dinner, shower and sleep… and practically nothing else.  I’m still reading a little, on the commute to work but that’s about it.

Even with my slow reading pace, I still couldn’t resist to buy a book this week.  It was one of my most anticipated 2014 release: The Cracks in the Kingdom (The Colors of Madeleine #2) by Jaclyn Moriarty.  I loved book 1 and am really excited to jump in to this gorgeous world once more!  Isn’t the cover beautiful?  My only regret is that it doesn’t match the edition of the first book I own 😦

So, we’ve entered the third month of 2014 and this means that the Take Control of Your TBR Pile challenge has started!  I must confess that I’ve got about 4 NetGalley titles I’ve not yet read that will expire this month soooo I’m really setting myself up for a Big Epic Fail :p  Still… I’ve started reading my first book, The Immortal Prince (Tide Lords #1) by Jennifer Fallon.  It’s supposed to be a re-read but I haven’t found anything that sounds vaguely familiar yet (though I’m only about 80 pages in, of 658, so still have a fair way to go).

As my original challenge post explained, I’ll be focussing on different challenges per week so this week, it will be:

Week 1 (1-7 March): LOST challenge
2. The Gods of Amyrantha (Tide Lords #2) -the book on my LOST list
Author Jennifer Fallon is Australian so this will also fit in my AWW2014 challenge 😀
cracks in the kingdom  tide lords 1  tide lords 2

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