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Jar of Pandora (Book Two)
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Kasey Reese ran from a life of responsibility to study abroad in Deia, Spain. She hoped for an adventure, but what unfolded in Spain was beyond the imaginable. In that remote little village she met the love of her life, Dion – a twenty-year-old immortal saint.  Kasey and Dion return to America only to realize their love is challenged by s dysfunctional family.
Unique and action-packed, in this book Kasey learns that Pandora is her immortal grandmother. Determined to find her and to uncover many truths, Kasey sets out with Dion on a deadly journey. But answers come with a great cost – a three thousand year old prophecy, a feud of the gods and death.


Guest Post: 

How did you come up with the idea to write The Symbol of Hope series?

This story encompasses different aspects of life, faith, and the supernatural.  When I decided that I wanted to write a young adult novel with a female protagonist I knew exactly whom I wanted my heroine to be like. Kasey is loosely based off my favorite storybook character a young girl named Juniper, from the Juniper Game by Sherryl Jordan. I knew Kasey was to be a red headed, hippie sort of girl. I wanted her to come from a completely different background than the main male character. I also knew that no matter what direction the story took, my goal for Kasey was that she would discover her legendary bloodline and that her purpose on Earth was greater than she imagined.
Once I established Kasey, I then needed a story, an adventure for her. I also needed her male counterpart. This proved to be difficult. I had no clue what I was going to write about. One
frustrating day I decided to Google unknown rare legends and like a diamond in the ruff I found my precious answer.  A title flashed across my screen, Seven Sleepers.
I read an article about these seven men who went to sleep in a cave for 200 years to escape persecution from an Emperor. I fell in love with the legend and the idea of these self-sacrificing
men who were willing to give their lives.
The gears in my head started to turn.  I thought, jeez if I were a teenage girl, hell even an early thirties mom (which I am), wouldn’t I love to read about seven hot brothers who were willing to die for what they believed in. The answer was easy, of course! Therefore, I started to form the seven brothers. Dion, my main guy, was developed first. He was to be Kasey’s love interest. I spent a lot of time molding those two before I formed the others.
In a nutshell, I had all these great characters developed and no real story. I knew I wanted to use the back-story of the legend in mine and I knew I wanted mine to take place in real time. So
now, I had a few plot points in place. As a lover of Greek Mythology, I wanted to incorporate this somehow. That is just what I aimed to do.
The ideas started to flow quicker than I could get them down. I created an outline and never followed it. Once the writing got underway, the story took on a life of its own. I knew loosely what I wanted the end result to be, but not everything that happened in the story was how I originally envisioned the plot would go. Once I finished Men of the Cave, I knew without a doubt
how the series would end, but the journey to get there was not always clear and some of the things that happened along the way even surprised me.
About the Author

Teacher, mother, and wife, not in that order. I’m an extreme
Florida girl whose never seen snow. I believe white should be worn at funerals, not black. Studied at the University of Central Florida for a BA in English. If I can avoid close-toed shoes, I do. Born from Cuban immigrant parents I spoke Spanish before I spoke English. If you ever see me staring blankly into nothing, then my head is in a story.

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