My Reading Week… Away from home

Home Sweet Home!!

We got home a few hours ago, am pretty tired and ready for bed!  Especially since I’m going to work tomorrow so keeping it to just a quick post to say, g’day!  Hopefully you’ve all been well 🙂  I hope to gain my wind back tomorrow and be a good blogger this week 😉

The weather was pretty good for our time away from home and whilst I got some good reading done the first few days, the last few was just atrocious -a few pages, at most! *gasp*  I’m not quite sure whether that’s because I just couldn’t sit still or the book wasn’t of much interest to me… I’ve a feeling it’s a bit of both which is a bummer 😦

Currently reading:

What I’ll be trying to fit in this week:

cecilia  deep north  kavalier  canton  pawn

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