My Reading Week

Aaah, thanks for coming along on the ride for me, if you’ve been around the past week, you’ve seen that I’ve decided to tackled on both memes I was considering.  We’ll see how long that will last, especially the Truth or Dare -this vlog business is nerve wracking!  Nevertheless, thank you so much for all your encouraging notes about my voice; you guys have definitely made my day. Hugs & Kisses to you all!

It’s been a pretty busy week for me and so, a very very slow reading period.  I went to the movies twice (*gasp* oh, the luxury!) -once with my kiddo for Walking With Dinosaurs in 3D (his first full feature film and he gets to see his fave dinosaurs in 3D -he absolutely loved it) and then, with a couple of girlfriends to see The Railway Man.  I must say that I didn’t really know that much about The Railway Man and I wasn’t really in the mood for a serious movie – I went just to hang out with my friends for a bit.  When discussing this with a friend, she commented how underwhelming my ‘review’ of the movie was… but I just couldn’t help myself.  At the risk of sounding superficial, Colin Firth’s glasses were just so prominent that it really distracted me from the whole movie! I was getting really annoyed with that.  Plus, the young Japanese translator -um, he doesn’t look like he knows if he’s supposed to be there?  The only bit I love, though, was the endin… I haven’t read the book or any reviews so I was really unsure how it was supposed to turn out and I was completely blown away.  The ending sooo saved the movie for me 🙂

Then on Saturday evening, I went to see “An Evening with David Sedaris” at the Sydney Opera House.  It was such a wonderful evening, when the lights came on, I was surpised to find that 1.5 hours have passed.  He’s such a witty story-teller.  He read some of his diary entries, and seriously, I wish my diary entries were like his!  I can’t thank Hachette Books Australia enough for these tickets! My girlfriend and I absolutely enjoyed the night.

The post seems to be geneous this week with 2 deliveries of books.  It’s a thrilling experience each time I ripped into those packages -I’m sure you booklovers will know what I’m talking about 😉  This week I’ve received:

From Hachette Book Australia:

From Harlequin Books Australia:

Currently reading:

What I’ll be trying to fit in this week:

casey  ugly  gift  wings  hunted  queen  purman  cecilia  rule of  sisterhood   deep north

1 thought on “My Reading Week

  1. Christina T.

    Sounds like you had a great week! I love going to the movies. We don’t go often because the closest movie theater is an hour away but when we do I enjoy the entire experience!

    You did great on your vlog! Seriously! I loved it.


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