My Reading Week

OY!  Cross fit started up today and boy, will I be so VERY sore tomorrow!  One thing for sure, tonight I will be sleeping the sleep of the just as nothing whatsoever will wake me up. 😀  We’ve had 2-3 weeks off and whilst I kept the bare minimum work out (short & slow jog plus minimal push ups / crunches / plank -all done within 20 mins) up over the Christmas break, it was still tough! The instructor had even kept it somewhat light, urgh!

I also found this great & short crossfit workout on Pinterest the other day that I want to share with you.  I think I’ll be doing this alternately with my jog.  I tried it yesterday morning and could bare make it through the mountain climbers 😦  Let me know if you’re game to try this one too 😉

On the reading front, it was absolutely atrocious during the 2 weeks Christmas period.  I tried to relax to read but couldn’t settle down with about 6 books that I tried to read.  Thankfully, that seems to be over as I’m enjoying a couple books I’m  reading now.  There are a couple of reading habits I’d like to adopt this year (yes! More Bookish Resolutions!):

  1. Read one classic a month (this will definitely help with my classic project
  2. Read one book in Bahasa Indonesia a month –this was my native language and I’ve not read one in 15 years (?) that I found I was struggling when I tried to read one late last year so I’m determined not to lose this skill by reading as much as I can.  If anyone knows how I can get these books digitally, I’d be pleased to know 🙂

Currently reading:

What I’ll be trying to fit in this week:

240px-Laskar_pelangi_sampul  rainbow troops  cecilia  almost girl  staircase  rule of

9 thoughts on “My Reading Week

  1. Sema IV

    Good luck with your work out plans ;-)! The pinterest work out looks extremely hard but that might just me (I’m normally just jogging and bicycling although I started some work out challenges a few weeks ago xD). Also, how do you like The Screaming Staircase so far? I loved the Bartimaeus series, so that might be something for me, too.

    1. Tien Post author

      Thanks, Sema!

      Hubby, who is a non-reader, wanted to get me involved in one of his fitness thing so he made a deal of reading if I join in regularly so that’s what I’ve been doing and I’ve to say that I’m enjoying the feeling of being fit, err, well, fitter than 6 months ago ;p

      He actually wanted me to ride / cycle with him but I’m too scared of doing that on the road plus the cost of a good bike, I didn’t want to commit to that and not cycle on a regular basis. How far do you ride? Road / Mountain biking?

      I’ve not started The Screaming Staircase yet, will let you know when I do 🙂

      1. Sema IV

        Oh yeah, I think I might have read about that deal on your blog. And correct me if I’m wrong, but he didn’t start reading, did he? 😀
        Yeah, bikes can be quite expensive and I actually have to look for new running shoes :-/. I normally just drive on the road for half an hour up to an hour depending where I want to go. I often cycle to the library (to get new books of course xD) which is about 45 minutes.
        Okay, thanks! 😀

      2. Tien Post author

        yeah, no, he didn’t! He read a few pages only in 6 months! Grrr…

        Wow, 45 mins ride to the library… isn’t it a bit heavy carrying books on your rides?

      3. Sema IV

        ^^ Maybe you should make him at least listen to audiobooks.
        Well, it’s quite good actually because then I’m not tempted to borrow too many books :-D.

  2. Christina T.

    I had to look up crossfit and boy does that look hard! I may have to start that but start with maybe the five minutes and work my way to the full 10 mins. Whew!!

    Love the books you got! The Almost Girl and The Screaming Staircase look awesome!

    Have fun reading & Happy New Year!

    1. Tien Post author

      Happy New Year!!!

      Let me know how you go with the crossfit vid 🙂 I found the shuffle pretty easy going. Then I keep losing my balance with the lunges. The crunches were okay on the first round but a struggle on the second. The mountain climbers just killed me both rounds, ha ha ha… Here’s to getting fit this year!! xx

  3. Nish

    Yesterday after 3 months of sloth, I climbed on the treadmill and ran for half an hour. I am so sore today at work, I can’t tell you ;). I slept like a log too yesterday.

    I am pining your cross-fit challenge. I have a couple of fitness challenges I want to take up too – squat and plank challenge that I have pinned up.

    Hopefully will complete at least one of these.

    1. Tien Post author

      Good on you, Nish! And Good luck 🙂

      I found an Abs challenge which I’m looking to take up in Feb so look out for that one, ha ha ha.

      Not sure if I’ve said that I pretty much gave up on the plank challenge. I think 3 minutes is the extent of my endurance on that one!


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