New Year = New Me

Happy New Year!!!

How have you all spent your NYE?  We’ve had a really quiet and tame one this year; dropped by hubby’s colleague’s birthday bash down the road and was home before 11.  We took our little one as they wanted to see him so really couldn’t stay any longer.  I managed to catch a teeny bit of fireworks from my son’s bedroom window though as it faces towards the city (Sydney).

Anyone remembered their 2013 New Year resolution? I made a very simple one and that was, “NOT to gain 2 kgs over the Christmas period”.  I’m very happy to report that I did it!  I did make sure though that I continued jogging in the morning whilst stuffing myself silly throughout the day.  However, when I’m not at any sort of event, I also made sure to eat as lean & healthy as possible.  I’m so very happy with this and I think I’m becoming more ambitious about 2014.

I was determined to start the first day of 2014 on a really positive note and to, with any luck, carry this on throughout the year.  I probably won’t be able to do it strictly but hoping to undertake it on a more regular basis thought the most important thing is NOT to stop.  2014 will be all about taking care of myself; I’m going to be fit & healthy.  I reckon the day started well when I managed to fit into a board short I’ve not worn in, possibly, 5 years (BC = Before Child). ;D


First thing I did this morning was to go on my jog.  I decided yesterday that I needed to look somewhat good to feel slightly less awful so I bought these gorgeous Lorna Jane outfits.  Loving the bright colours!!!

I’m hoping that a look good outfit that wasn’t cheap (though I did buy them on sale) will push me onward.  I saw this inspiration on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had running through my head every time I jog…  totes inspired!


skinThe next thing, of course, would be my skin.  Since I’m wearing make up pretty much everyday, I think my face deserves first class treatment!  My chosen product is Jurlique as they grow own ingredients and are free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.  Their farm, of course, is located in Australia (South Australia to be precise) and one day, I will make it there for a tour!

I exfoliated my face for this first time in ages this morning. I’d like to keep this as a weekly ritual and combined with strict skin care regime and lots of water drinking, my skin will improve in tone & stay youthful for years to come (keeping my fingers crossed too)!  I’ve to admit that I’m feeling kind of bloated right about now but I hear that your body will get used to that much water and I won’t feel so bloated later on…

bfastHhhmmmm…  breakfast this morning consist of fruit salad and green/chrysanthemum tea.  Light and healthy!  I’m so happy it’s summer as that means I can have mango and cherries amongst the plethora of other fruits: grapes, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Totes spoiled for freshness!  um, just please don’t ask me what we had for dinner -so not my choice but gotta go with the flow…


Being good means that I get to spoil myself too, right?  Well, here are a couple of my look-good-spoil-myself things.  Thanks to my sister in law, I’ve just doubles the number of nail polishes I have -lol.  Look out, peeps, if you see bright fingernails flashing nearby, that’s probably me! ;D


And these… are the BOOKS I’m planning to devour the first half of 2014.  These are just the ones I have on hand now and not counting the dozen NetGalley titles I need to get onto but…  I’m not going to rush.  This year, I’m going to force myself to read at a rather slower pace so I can enjoy it more and absorb more to hopefully write more meaningful reviews.

What have you resolve to DO or BE in 2014?

Please note that any products above, aside from some books, are of my own choosing and I’m not at all being remunerated in any way for including them in this blog post.



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