My Planning for Reading Week

Aaah… I’ve been seeing many many sign-up calls for 2014 reading challenges and I’m soooo tempted.  I signed up to so many last year and have barely completed any…  I’ve also moderated a few challenges of my own creation (in a Goodreads group, Pick-a-Shelf) that I’ve barely participated in!  So, my reading New Year’s resolution is:

Not to sign-up to any reading challenges but my own…  that sounds a little self-centred but really, I thought I should show some love to my own work 😉

To date, there are 2 challenges:

1. Longest On Shelf To-read (or LOST –love my acronyms!):

For this challenge, I look at my GR to-read shelf and sorted it by date added (ascending) and read the first 10 books shown as have been on my to-read shelf the longest.  There are some strange additions there!  I joined GR in August 2008 and I’ve still got books I’ve added in November 2008 that I’ve still not read yet.  There are just sooo many books out there and sooo little time.  Here is how my list is looking for this challenge:

I included some extras because I think I won’t be able to get my hands on a few of these books (*Not available at local libraries).  The last 2 shows that I was getting into historical NF at the time.

2. Moving Mountains (Mt. TBR)

This challenge is to help me read through my to-read shelf in a somewhat random fashion.  For this particular challenge, I’ll be looking at my physical bookshelf (ie. books I actually owned) only.  Whilst I can plan ahead, I’m only going to plan up to a certain point and until I’ve read 80% of the planned books, I’m not allowed to plan any further.  This will hopefully keep my list clean and motivate me to keep going.  So from my top shelf only, here are what I’ll be reading in the first few months on 2014 (I hope):

My lists are looking to be well balanced & eclectic and I’m quite happy with these.  I’m looking forward to 2014.  This is by no means, the only challenges I’d be doing as there is still at least 1 other challenge being planned.

How are you going with your reading challenges of 2014?  Have you joined any?  If not, will you be?  How are your planning?  I definitely got as much FUN planning as I will be in reading 😀

3 thoughts on “My Planning for Reading Week

  1. Nish

    I didn’t know there was a prequel of sorts to Anne Shirley’s story. Must check out Before Green Gables. And I have given up on reading challenges too, I am only doing the Japanese Lit challenge these days.

    1. Tien Post author

      Let me know if you get to Before Green Gables before I do 🙂

      How many books do you have to read for the Jap Lit challenge?

      1. Nish

        @Tien: The Japanese lit challenge is fairly flexible. Just make the effort to read Japanese books through the year and link to the main review database created and maintained by Dolce Belezza. I try to do a book a month but more often than not it’s not doable.

        In the past six months, I read 4 and I am quite happy with that :).

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