Review: Awakening

awakeningAwakening by Lara Morgan

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Source: Copy of ebook courtesy of Escape Publishing in exchange of my honest review

I received a copy of this book from Escape Publishing (thank you kindly!). Hence, it is only natural to expect romance, and plenty of it, in this book. For me, Fantasy Romance is the top of my favourite reads. There is nothing better than to escape to a completely different world with the promise of romance.

First and foremost, however, this book is high fantasy. Filled to the brim with serpents, fantastical creatures, and all things magical, Lara Morgan has created such an amazing detailed and vivid world, or rather worlds. There were more than one settlement / civilization and each are so different in setting and culture but all wonderfully told.

The story is told from alternate perspectives, Shaan’s and Tallis’, as they fought to understand who they really are and struggled with the powers within them. I love Shaan’s feistiness though I was a little let down by her helplessness. For someone who has survived living on the street as child, how could she be so clueless and helpless this time? Tallis, on the other, was a lot more mature; he’s a fast learner and I gladly follow his path.

There wasn’t, however, that much of romance in this book, if at all. There were feelings or thoughts of feelings, bits of tension, and tiny bit of sparks but nothing spectacular. I would actually say there is no romance whatsoever in this book. Though it seems that we’re being set up for the next book… so I may just have to pick up book 2 to find out 😉

Thank you, Escape Publishing for copy of ebook

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