Review: Cassandra

cassandraCassandra by Kerry Greenwood

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of Poisoned Pen via NetGalley

The main attraction to this novel was, of course, the author. Who doesn’t know Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher? I have read quite a few of her works; Phryne Fisher series (though not quite up to date), Corrina Chapman series, and the standalone Out of the Black Land  –an Ancient Egyptian novel. I quite enjoy the ancient world and I thought this book which was loosely based on a Greek tragedy could be a good read.

I tried to read the first book, Medea, first (since I’m slightly OCD and cannot face reading book 2 before book 1) but I just couldn’t finish it. I just wasn’t in the mood for tragedy at the time plus then I realised that the series is really a series of stand alone books based on classic Greek tragedies. Truthfully, I almost gave up on Cassandra too. There were too many annoying characters for me to enjoy it.

Firstly, the gods and their fickleness. I feel like they needed to be slapped thoroughly and taken down quite a number of notches. Then again, Greek gods were fickle so I supposed this is kinda true to character. I think I also found it difficult because I just finished Antigoddess, where some of the gods are actually likeable plus it was linked to this particular tragedy so closely that I was torn between them two.

The story was told from 2 perspectives, Cassandra and Diomenes, and they tell their own stories from opposing worlds. Cassandra, whilst a strong female character, I did not find to be at all charming –mostly because she’s strong from stubbornness and at times, spite, rather than anything else. I quite liked Diomenes to begin with until tragedy hit and I wanted to shake him too. Individually, however, they did not actually meet until fairly close to the end and even then, there was not much ado. Not long after their meeting, the story closes.

It was an interesting read of Kerry Greenwood’s attempt at retelling an ancient story but it really lacks the sparkle of Phryne Fisher’s and / or the zest of Corinna Chapman.

Thank you, Poisoned Pen for copy of eARC via NetGalley

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