Review: Letters From a Murderer

lettersLetters From a Murderer by John Matthews

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source: eARC courtesy of Angry Robot Ltd via NetGalley

I love mysteries and seeing that it was on Netgalley under Angry Robot, I got really really and I mean, really excited! At first, I was sort of hoping that it will have some steampunk component to it or something unexpected or a funky element (we’re talking about an Angry Robot publication here, c’mon!) but it was pretty nearly strictly mystery historical fiction albeit with some fact-stretching involved. I have, however, enjoyed the reading fairly well.

This book, however, was similar to the Archie Lean books I’ve read late last year. In fact, Joseph Argenti reminded me a lot of Archie Lean –both detectives of lower/middle-class background with good deductive minds who loved their jobs and are good at it. Their respective partners are both brilliant though world’s apart in temperament. I found Finley Jameson a lot more interesting though, faulty, nutty with some sweetness thrown in.

Whilst I’ve read a lot of mystery, I’ve avoided most Jack the Ripper ones somehow. I’m not sure whether that was on purpose or whether none so far has truly grabbed my interest. Here’s where I confess my ignorance of the historical details of Jack the Ripper so I can’t comment what’s possible or not in this novel but I found the ending (personally) frustrating. Let’s just say that I wanted more than what I got.

The crime was brutal. The case was intriguing. The chase thrilling. The characters appealing. With a great cover and Angry Robot as publisher –this one is a safe bet. If you loved Archie Lean, you’d like this book too and vice versa.

Thanks to Angry Robot Ltd via NetGalley for the privilege of reading & review eGalley

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